James Argent’s weight loss Journey

James Argent’s weight loss Journey

Find out all about James Argent and his weight loss with before and after comparisons in detail.

James Argent is a 34-year-old English television personality. Last decade, he rose to mainstream success becoming a regular cast member on the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex.

In addition to this, he appeared in various other reality series, such as Sugar-Free Farm and The Jump, and in 2019, he presented the entertainment segment on Good Morning Britain.

There have a ton of weight loss gossip surrounding James. So we decided to compare his before and after photos and this is what we found.

When did James Argent’s weight loss rumors spark?

Dressed in guitar print shorts, Arg’s incredible 13-stone weight loss was clear to see as he headed into the pool for a refreshing swim.

                     James Argent Weight Loss (Before and After)          (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

In April he posed in just a pair of men’s underwear. His before and after photos revealed that he looked completely different. This was great news. After battling depression and cocaine addiction he has also shredded his fat.

Surfing James’s Instagram we found a video. In it, he said that by Christmas or possibly even the end of the summer, he will shred. His back fat is going to be gone, the thighs are going to be skinny and the arms are going to be pumped.

He promised: ‘I’m going to be fit as a fiddle! Fit and strong.’

How much weight loss did James have? At his heaviest, he weighed 27st but now he has dropped to 15st 7lb. Why did James Argent go through a weight loss?

On Steph’s Packed Lunch James revealed that he felt horrible. Argent felt always extremely uncomfortable, and couldn’t look at herself in the mirror.

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He added that he felt like someone else. But now after the weight loss, he started to feel like himself again. And the body transformation made him excited about what the future is going to bring.

When argent weighed 27st his heath was serious. Doctors had even when started to warn him of his condition. And this is when James thought of changing his lifestyle.

How did James have weight loss? Did he have gastric surgery? Yes, she spent nine months after his gastric sleeve surgery at Transform Hospital Group. Then he unveiled his noticeable slimmer physique shedding nearly half of his 27.5st body weight.

‘[It was] nerve-wracking leading up to [the surgery, but] it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m over six weeks post-surgery and I feel great.’

Doctors warned the 34-year-old star that if he didn’t adopt a healthier lifestyle it might be fatal. In addition to this, he was also an asthmatic during the pandemic and had gastric sleeve surgery in April.

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