James Bobo Fay Weight Loss, Cancer, Transformation, Finding Bigfoot

James Bobo Fay Weight Loss

Gathering fans and followers from “Finding Bigfoot“, James “Bobo” Fay has been the center of attention for some time. He also fell under the suspicion of weight loss making it a trending subject. Many writers have put an article under “James Bobo Fay weight loss” but are those true? Let’s talk about the star’s illness, weight loss, movies, and more here.

James “Bobo” Fay Weight Loss, Illness and Cancer

The 60-year old actor truly went through weight loss. His past and present pictures also support the statement as he is seen much leaner in comparison to before. Reality star facts also have clearly said that the rumors of the actor getting thinner in the show are not false. Also, the site has reasoned the loss in weight with his illness.

James Fay Weight Loss

He looks totally unrecognizable
Image Source: HollywoodMask

However, sites like affairpost have conceded that the rumors about illness are only people’s assumption. They also have supported their statement saying the weight loss was due to regular exercise and proper diet.

 Are the rumors true?

While we opine that James Fay has such a result in weight with a will. The speculation about James’ cancer rose as the person with long hair in the show was seen bald. Check out his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more info.

Hollywoodmask has made it certain and sure with words saying, “the reason behind his weight loss was the cut-off of soda, candy, pizza, and baked goods with a regular hourly based exercise 4-6 days a week.”

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Furthermore, distractify has explained about the James coming to finding bigfoot, weight loss, and more.

James Fay in “Finding Bigfoot”

Born in Manhattan Beach, California, Bigfoot Mystery always fascinated James Fay. With determination and interests, he learned surfing in order to maintain the criteria for Bigfoot researcher.

James "Bobo" Fay

James’ look in “Finding Bigfoot”
Image Source: IMDb

Later, he also joined a job of fishing and building roads. Luckily, those jobs too, helped him a lot to become what he is today.

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Encountering his first bigfoot in 2001, he became more interested and eager to know what’s more. Since then, he has been contributing a lot of time in finding bigfoot which has paid him well too.

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