James Harden Weight loss

Go through the article carefully to know everything about James Harden’s weight loss and incredible transformation.

Have you lately seen a picture of James Harden? The famous American basketball player has fascinated the world with his transformation during the NBA lockdown. The talented player shared his photo with the media leaving everyone in shock. He had lost over significant pounds in a week.

The player who, only a week ago, had a fat belly was not recognized in the game as he had become slimmer and fit. The star’s photos only have been creating a lot of chaos and news on the internet.

James Harden After Weight Loss

James Harden after weight loss at the match
Image Source: Insider

James had been away from the media for quite some time after the lockdown. However, he was seen at the game, only a week ago when he was in his regular looks. The republic world also has claimed about the comparison of his before and after looks.

The secret behind James Harden Weight loss

In an interview, he revealed some secrets about his weight loss. The athletic posted a part of an interview saying, Harden revealed,

“I’ve been doing a lot of cardio. I’ve got treadmills in my houses, weights, and all that good stuff. It really hasn’t affected me like it’s affected a lot of other players.”

Besides, some sources have said that Harden was working out extra for his weight loss. Now, with his fit figure, he has been an icon for many people. Also, check out the star’s Instagram for updates.

James Harden Body Transformation

The Player has an incredible body structure
Image Source: Ballislife.com

Other than physical workouts and proper diet, the 31-year old player also talked about yoga and some pool workouts. He included body balance and control during the exercise.

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Brooklyn Nets posted a picture of James practicing and it went viral in no time. People as well as the organizations are shocked by the transformation of the player. Some even have estimated his weight difference to be 25 pounds or so.

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