James Mack Plastic Surgery

James Mack Plastic Surgery

James Mack Plastic Surgery and Name Change For Dating Ex After Obtaining Restraining Order

We have been providing you every day with celebrities’ secret surgeries and their personal information. Following the routine, we have come back today with a surprising and unbelievable subject and that is James Mack Plastic Surgery. James Mack is not more than a normal citizen of the United States. He got the attention of the media and the public after he was alleged to have plastic surgery to date his ex-girlfriend.

James Mack Cosmetic Surgery

James Mack, who was living in a New Jersey, was put in jail in 2017 for about six months for the assault and harassment of his former lover. With the procedure of the court, he got a restraining order that didn’t allow him to be near his ex. The interesting story happened when James went through various surgeries to change his appearance. The 40-year-old man also changed his name to be near his ex and not get caught. The worldnewsdailyreport has also mentioned that the man had some changes regarding his vocal cords to change his voice.

James Mack Before and After Alleged Plastic Surgery

Can You Believe It?
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

The same James Mack had changed into Jason Monroe after experiencing 37 plastic surgeries. With such an extreme transformation, his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Lopez also had no hint of such changes.

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Sarah stated with surprise,

“I just saw a handsome guy who had exactly the same tastes as me in terms of music, movies, food… everything. It seemed like a match made in heaven, a gift from life to compensate for all I had endured.

James Mack Ex-girlfriend Sarah Lopez

 The Snippet of Sarah Lopez, Ex of James Mack
Image Source: World News Daily Report

Sarah Further added that it took about five to six weeks to completely recognize him. As soon as she found out, she called the police and James turned Jason was arrested after 30 minutes.

Is It True Or Just Fictional?

After the news was published, it broke the internet and also hit social media. Such public’s concern and breakthrough of the article encouraged the news reporter and they became focused on the news. However, nothing solid has ever come into the media which doesn’t give us the right to tell the story can be the truth. Whatsoever, a couple of sites have tried to put a conclusion on the story.

James Mack Plastic Surgery

Truth Or Fiction have also raised a question on it
Image Source: Truth Or Fiction

The public as well as the media are still confused about such activities fo the boyfriend. Many of them are in a dilemma if its true or not. The newsmobile has tried to collect some evidence telling the article may be fictional and they never happened. However, another website has tried to analyze it with some possibilities.

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James before and after photos also seems almost impossible to compare, thus most people have voted their opinion on the article may be fake. Jason’s picture was also seen on the ‘plastic surgery of men’ magazine which was completely unrelated to the above incident. The truthorfiction has strongly denied such news and have pointed out other fake news comparing with James’ Surgery. So, with all the proof, it seems the story was just made up for some breakthrough. Be that as it may, stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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