Jamie Jewitt’s Struggles With Weight Loss

Jamie Jewitt’s Struggles With Weight Loss

Everything about the love islander Jamie Jewitt and his weight loss with before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Jamie Jewitt is a 27-years old model from Essex, who took part in the third season of Love Island.

Previously we learned that Jewitt had started to avoid the idea of a healthy lifestyle. This started when he starred in 2017. It wasn’t long before his weight crept up by five stone. We compared Jewitt’s before and after photos and yes there has been some difference.

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Jamie Jewitt’s Struggles With Weight Loss

The exact words of the television personality were ‘Honestly my life changed most when I became a parent as I stopped putting myself and my health first.’

He continued revealing that he always exercised so the reason behind the weight gain was mainly diet. After becoming a parent for the first time quick and easy foods are what Jamie got used to.

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He added that after his hard work he didn’t want to bother with which food is good for him and which is bad for him.

This all ended up creating a habit of ignoring self-care and he slowly lost the discipline when it came to food.

The reality star describes his experience as a slippery slope once the bad habits set in and it can be a difficult cycle to break. Because there are so many things going on that you need to think about i.e an increasingly energetic little bambino!

Later on, when he entered the popular show Love Island he weighed in at 17st1lbs, a big increase from 12st8lbs. He then started to get concerned about his health and well-being.

However, the love islander insists he ‘had no issue with my body image at a heavier weight.’

Jamie Jewitt Weight Loss – Before and After

How much weight loss did Jamie have? He is in excellent form. His before and after photos clearly tell the difference it is an impressive 14st5lbs.

                   Jamie Jewitt Weight Loss – Before and After              (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

To be able to drop the extra pounds and tone up the reality star started on Muscle Food’s GOAL GETTERS Lean Machine plan.

When did Jamie start to have a weight loss? How did Jamie have a weight loss? According to him, he decided to do the MuscleFood Goal Getters plan for a couple of years now.

Because of a busy life and fatherhood, it was really hard to get back in shape he revealed.

Besides his health, another issue he encounter was having many aches and pains. Surprisingly we learned that he woke up with trouble with his knees. Because of the extra weight Jamie really felt pain from walking up and downstairs and getting up off the floor after playing with Nell(his son).

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