Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery

Everything about Jamie Lee Curtis’ Plastic Surgery Addiction, Who is Ruby Guest & Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter.

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress and writer. Moreover, she is famous for receiving many awards like the BAFTA award and two Golden Globe Awards. Also, the actress is a blogger for The Huffington Post. Furthermore, the actress has starred in many movies like Trading Places and A Fish Called Wanda. Also, the star is famous for her roles in Freaky Friday and Halloween.

Recently, the veteran actress has been getting media attention for speaking against plastic surgery and beauty standards in Hollywood. Moreover, the 62-year-old had spoken from her personal experience with plastic surgery. Furthermore, plastic surgery had caused her addiction.

So, what addiction did the Hollywood actress have? Is the Saturn Awards’s Best Actress sober now? What are the plastic surgeries that Horror movies actresses had done? Finally, what does she have to say about plastic surgery now? Read more to get all the answers.

Jamie Lee Plastic Surgery Addiction

Jamie spoke about her plastic surgery with variety in 2019. Moreover, the author said that she underwent routine plastic surgery. The Golden Lion Honorary Award winner explains it was because of a remark made by a cameraman.

Moreover, the cameraman had said that he wasn’t shooting her because her eyes were too puffy. Jamie was mortified and embarrassed to hear this. According to Insider, Jamie had undergone the knife in 1989 to treat her puffy eyes.

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic surgery
                        Jamie Lee Curtis (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the Halloween actress said that she was given Vicodin as a painkiller. Subsequently, it led to her drug addiction. What is Vicodin? Vicodin is a drug that is used to relieve pain. In an interview with Variety, the writer talks about how the Golden Globe award winner was struggling with opioids, another name for Vicodin, for 10 years.

When asked did anyone knew about her addiction, the People’s Choice Award winner answers that no one knew about it except the Brazilian woman who was staying with her.

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Moreover, the Beverly Hills Chihuahua actress said that she first came to the realization that someone found out about her addiction when the Brazilian saw her taking putting five Vicodin pills in her mouth. Then, later on, the mother of two children went to her friend and talked about her addiction. Additionally, her friend had the same addiction.

Jamie Lee Revealing her Plastic Surgery Addiction

The Hollywood Walk of Fame star holder told Variety that one night the American actress thought about how either her friend or the Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day author were going to die and attend another’s funeral.

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic surgery
                  Jamie Lee Curtis (Image Source: Instagram)

Later on, the New York Times bestseller decided that she wouldn’t let the addiction kill her. Hence, the American Comedy Award winner talked with her friend who was on recovery from the addiction.

Furthermore, the Scream Queens actor was embarrassed to join the recovery being a big star. So, the Anything But Love actress told her friend that if there was anyone willing to join the rehab with her.

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Subsequently, the friend introduced her to a woman the blogger had never met with. Additionally, the children’s book was sober ever since. Furthermore, Jamie hasn’t undergone knife for other cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

However, there is no clear information on whether the actress has done cosmetic procedures like botox or facelift. Fortunately, she has been sober for 22 years now.

Jamie Lee Curtis Against Plastic Surgery

On September 29, 2021, Fast Company posted an interview with Jamie Lee.

The Huffington Post blogger was asked about the fact how she didn’t want to get any more plastic surgery. Moreover, did the Blue Steel star think that Hollywood beauty standards are changing? Then the TV actress answered about trying plastic surgery and it hadn’t work.

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In addition, the sober actress said that the current trend of fillers and procedures with filtering also the things people do to adjust appearance on zoom are wiping out generations of beauty. Furthermore, she warns once your face is messed, you can’t get it back.

Who is Ruby Guest? Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis's daughter
         Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter (Image Source: celebsdiaries)
Did you know that she with her husband had adopted two 2 children?- one son Thomas who is a computer gaming editor. and one daughter Annie, 34, is married and a dance instructor.  Jamie’s daughters have been recently been in a lot of limelight because her son has decided to change his gender. Now Thomas has also changed his name, Ruby.
Jamie told US publication AARP that she has “watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby”.
Moreover, this is not the first time that Jamie has supported LGBTQ. Some also believe that she gained to focus on this only because of her son, however, this is not the case. In 2017, Curtis — who has long been an LGBTQ ally — shared a Huffington Post article on Twitter: “Dear Trans Kids. The letter we all wish we had written. (from a trans teacher).”

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