Has CBS Sunday Morning Host Jane Pauley Lost Weight?

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The TV host Jane Pauley is rarely unknown to the public with her awesome shows. She has been in the media for more than 40 years. She had her career journey starting from 1972 and still active in some news feeds.

The 70-year-old anchor is now surrounded by some rumors of weight loss. What are the gossips about? Did the TV star really went through some procedures or not.

Besides, Jane’s fascinating anchoring and hosting, people have always been appreciating the looks of the star as well. Her beauty also played a great role in reaching her shows to a global platform.

Jane Pauley Weight Loss!!! Fact or Myth?

Comparing her before and after pictures, it seems she has lost some weight through the years. However, the reason may be an aging process as the author is getting older every day. Also, the owner of $40 million has everything she needs. Therefore, some weight loss procedures along the way couldn’t be a surprise after all.

Jane Pauley Weight Loss (1)

She seems to have lost some weight
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

As we always say, losing weight isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to the care of aged people. Looking further back to 2004, Jane Pauley also had a weight loss expert on her show named Dr.Kase.

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Through the article by prweb, Kase really gave motivation to the people saying,

“The process of losing weight and getting in shape is all about psychology.”

She later further added,

“Unfortunately, many women are not successful with losing weight or keeping it off because of factors such as anxiety and stress, frustration, relationship problems, and lack of confidence. Fortunately, this can all be changed permanently once you learn how.”

So, anyone who could provide a platform for expert advice on losing weight possible might have gone through it themselves. With some celebrity circle, Jane Pauley also had known other weight loss and health experts who could have motivated her through the weight loss journey.

Jane Pauley Shows and Health Issues

Some fans and followers also are accentuating the health issues of the highly esteemed and loved TV host. They seem to care about how the TV star has been lean and slim. Some also recounted her previous health problems as the root cause of weight loss.

Jane Pauley

Have a look at the star in 2001
Image Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

It was a devastating time when Jane left NBC in the year 2001. Hollywoodmask revealed that she was struggling with depression and bipolar disorder at the time. But then again she appeared at the show after 30 years with the same smile, beauty, and positivity. Talking more about her health, she also had some hives problem. They used to appear sometimes and go away soon.

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As the host said in an interview with Today, she has been a source of motivation that she has gathered enough courage and pull through from those diseases. Best known from her CBS Sunday Morning, she celebrated her 40th anniversary coming back to the stage.

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