Are January Jones' Teeth Fake?- Grab Facts Here

January Jones Smiles Looks Attractive Because of Her Fake Teeth?- Grab Facts Here

Grab all the facts behind January Jones’ fake teeth.

January Jones with birth name January Kristen Jones was born on January 5, 1978, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is an American actress and model, where she rose to fame by portraying the role of Betty Draper in ‘Mad Men’, which was aired from 2007 to 2015.

Recently, she is on a hot topic on the internet because of her teeth. Both her fans and critics are curious about her current teeth. So, to make it clear about the ongoing rumors and gossips, ahead we present you with all the facts.

What Does January’s son Xander Think About Her Teeth?

January Jones with 42 years old had posted her selfie on Instagram by showing a broad smile. And there she asked, “Is there something in my teeth?”

January Jones with her son Xander Jones

January Jones with her son Xander Jones
Image Source: Daily Mail

Her son, Xander Dane Jones said that her mom looks scary when she smiles. On her Instagram, the photo was caption like; ‘Kid: “ew mom don’t smile at me you look scary.” Me: “why is there something in my teeth?” Kid: “did you fall in the dirt?” Me: “must be my smoothie, I better take a pic”.’

January Jones Before and After Dental Surgery

Well, some rumors started to emerge when Mad Men’s star teeth started to appear totally different. After comparing her before and after photographs, the controversy stated that she had fixed her teeth by going through dental surgeries like veneer, braces, dental implants, and more.

Comparison of January Jones Teeth 'Before' and 'After'

Comparison of January Jones Teeth ‘Before’ and ‘After’
Image Source: Daily Mail

Well, we don’t know the exact truth behind it, but we somehow started to believe the controversies when we compared her before and after photos. If you are a true fan of her then you can easily notice the changes inside her jaws. From the above picture, you can clearly see how her teeth have changed and made her even more beautiful. The Mad Men actress before teeth was unequally distributed and used to have a gap, but now her dental structure looks more attractive with some filled gaps and adjustments.

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Nevertheless, the gorgeous looking actress is being silent about her ongoing rumors. Even though she remains silent, her before and after photos will speak for her.

January Jones’ Fans Deny About The Rumors?

Well. the fans of January Jones aren’t admitting the truth. It’s quite understandable why they deny it, as the true fans don’t want to see their most cherishable person in the group of controversies.

They deny the rumors, yet they still say that the changes seen in her teeth are because of her hygienic food and her continuous proper care. Even though it makes sense, but, still it’s too hard for us to believe because of her sudden and dramatic changes on her teeth. What do you think? Let us know.

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