Learn About Jeff Bezos Bodyguard in Complete Details

Learn About Jeff Bezos Bodyguard in Complete Details

Find out all about what we found about Jeff Bezos’ Bodyguard in detail

Jeffrey Preston Bezos doesn’t need an introduction, he is among the most successful and popular American entrepreneurs in the world. He is also immensely successful as a media proprietor and investor. He is also known for being a computer engineer, and commercial astronaut.

And last but not least he is the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, where he previously served as the president and CEO.

We all know who he is so now let’s talk about who provides protection to the billionaire, Bezos Bodyguards.

Who are Jeff Bezos’ Bodyguards?

How many bodyguards does Bezos have? Unfortunately, he has not commented on this subject matter. Likewise, the entrepreneur and his team have also not revealed the list of Bezos’ bodyguards. It must be to publish the identity those bodyguards will risk their personal life.

How much money does the billionaire spend on Bodyguards? According to sources, celebrity bodyguards make $42000 to $145000 per annum.

The national average cost for bodyguard protection is $20 to 30 per hour. But we believe that Jeff’s team pays his bodyguards more than most celebrities do. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the exact figure they make.

According to reports, Amazon spends $1.6 million per year on Jeff Bezos’ personal security, including for bodyguards.

The founder of Amazon’s security team is quite visible and easy to spot in the crowd. They are mostly seen in black coats however, we speculate that Bezos has more bodyguards who are dressed as civilians.

We also visited a site that had a brief description of billionaires and their bodyguards. But it didn’t have anything relating to Jeff Bezos’s security.

As per the reports, the Amazon founder also has bulletproof glass windows installed in his office at the Amazon Headquarters in Seattle last year.

According to Reddit, the panels cost $180,000 to install and can withstand multiple shots from a military assault rifle.

Jeff Bezos’ Bodyguards

On Reddit, one of the users also added that Jeff’s bodyguards are most likely drawn from the ranks of former USSS (Secret Service) agents. They are “hands-ready” posture is often so practiced and motionless that the agents’ arms can seem artificial.

Jeff Bezos bodyguards
             Jeff Bezos bodyguards (Image Source: Celebsdiaries)

If you only have three close-protection folks on you, one of them trying to evacuate their principal with a fake arm swinging around is going to cause more problems than solutions.

And the fact that Amazon pays $1.6 million each year for Bezos’ private, non-work security—one of the largest budgets of any public company in the world.

He must have put a ton of effort into collecting intelligence. And also movement planning than acquiring bespoke prosthetics for gunfights.

Digging further,  we have also found a video in which an animal-rights protestor interrupts the entrepreneur. She spoke of being inside the Amazon’s chicken farm. And claims that she has seen those animals being criminally abused. But before she could say anything further 3-4 bodyguards escorted her out.

There is also a video on youtube where a random guy walks up to Jeff on the street just to say hi.

Bezos is with his bodyguard, and if you look closely at his(bodyguard)hand, it looks so stiff it’s he looks like he is ready to handle any confrontation.

And his face looks so tense and is looking around for anything suspicious. But his boss, Jeff Bezos, responded to that person in a friendly way.

The bodyguards too must have not felt any threat being created during the confrontation.

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