Jeff-Garlin Weight Loss (Before and After))

Jeff Garlin Weight Loss

Find out all about the American actor, Jeff Garlin weight loss including his before and after comparison, diets, workouts, secrets, and many more

Jeff Garlin is a stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor. He is most famous for playing the role of Jeff Greene on the American comedy television series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Furthermore, his first movie as a director was “I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With“. Moreover, the stand-up comedian also has written a book titled “My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World”. Both his book and his debut movie as a director were critically successful.

Fans have been shocked to see his weight loss. Hence, we have gathered all the information on why and how the TV star manages to lose weight. Furthermore, read more to find out his journey on a greener and healthier life.

Jeff Garlin Weight Loss; Before & After Comparison

Jeff Garlin had been struggling with overweight issues for many years. Moreover, he has said that he views food as an addiction. So what motivated the actor to lose weight? According to Garlinthe movie, Wall-e was his first inspiration to lose weight and, live a greener and healthier life.

Jeff-Garlin Weight Loss (Before and After))
                      Jeff-Garlin Weight Loss Before & After                                                            (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

Jeff plays the role of Captain B. McCrea, in Wall-e in the movie.  Captain B. McCrea is the commanding officer who has decided to save the planet. The Goldbergs. The actor adds that he is prouder of Wall-e than anything he’s ever done.”Moreover, the book, “My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World”, is about his weight loss and journey on starting an eco-friendly life.

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Why did the Curb Your Enthusiasm executive producer lose weight? Did he have any health issues because of weight? Yes, he had a stroke in 2000, just before the first year of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Hence, it was vital for him to lose weight. Currently, the comedian is estimated to weigh about 260 pounds. Also, visit his Instagram account to look at his transformation snippets.

His Transformation Secrets – Diet Plans & Workouts

His maximum weight was 320 pounds. Has Jeff Garlin gone through any surgery for weight loss? So far, there has been no news on Jeff Garlin doing any surgeries to lose weight. How did the 59-year-old lose weight? The writer started losing weight by cutting off eliminating meat, chicken, sugar, and processed foods from his diet. Moreover, he decided to not turn vegan and is happy to eat fish. Furthermore, the TV star said that it was really hard to lose weight but has no choice. Additionally, a piece of cake can take him back to his previous weight. In an interview with GQ, Jeff said that people ask him about his weight loss.

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Subsequently, the answer wasn’t dieted. Firstly, he only has stopped eating sugar. Secondly, the new director learned to control his urge to eat when feeling nervous or upset. (Go to to know about the interview). The American actor thinks checking the scale is stupid and can be counterproductive rather than good. Nonetheless, the Mad About You star feels healthier and productive. Now that he is slimmer will it affect his image as a comedian? He brushed off such comments by saying that there is in Ollywood’s weight loss is going to affect his image in Hollywood. In addition, the Hollywood comedian confirmed that being fat and being funny are different things to The Oregonian.

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