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Jennifer Bråthen

Find out all about the wife of the famous actor, Jennifer Bråthen’s Wiki, net worth, her relationship, and more in detail.

Jennifer Bråthen is the wife of a very well-known actor, Tobias Santelmann. The actor has done eight movies and nine TV series including the Netflix web series ‘Borderliner’. Tobias was also nominated for an Academy Award for the movie ‘Kon-Tiki’ in 2012.

His professional life is known by all but his fans and followers also want to know about his personal life which includes his wife Jennifer. We have collected all we could find and here it is.

Jennifer Brathen and Tobias Santelmann Relationship

Jennifer is not dating anyone because she is married to her husband is Tobias Santelmann. Tobias has shared their pictures frequently on his Instagram account. Both are Osla residents, and also have a daughter named Alba Santelmann.

Jennifer and Tobias
           Jennifer and Tobias (Image source: Marriage wiki)

On 13 July 2018, the Point Break actor posted a picture of his newborn daughter on his Instagram.

Many times we have learned in articles about actors and actresses meet their life partner in a romantic venue, or a classy venue. However, this is not how Tobias met Jennifer.

Jennifer and Tobias’s first meeting was in a public toilet. While attending an event organized in a well-known national theatre and library in Oslo named Torshovteatret.

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The two had noticed each other but a toilet is a weird place to start any conversation. Neither Santelmaan nor Braathen took any interest in chatting. But they didn’t know what they were getting into.

Moreover, fate had decided for them to meet again at a public event. Clearly, the universe wanted them to be together and fall in love.

However, this time it was different as the actor highly noticed the presence of Jennifer. And, unable to resist talking to her. So he went up and talked to her. Luckily, she too found him attractive.

Finally, they started to dating, one thing led to another and they tied the knot. There have never been any rumors about the couple splitting indicating they are happy with their lives.

However, both of them seem to be very private about their marriage ceremony. Till now, they have not publicized the type of wedding they had.

What is the Net worth of Jennifer Brathen?

According to reports, Jennifer is a journalist by profession. Although we cannot be sure about it. Looking through her Instagram account there is no exact mention of her career. She might currently just be a housewife.

Jennifer Brathen
                Jennifer Brathen Gra Hae is a self-made millionaire. (Image source: Instagram)

On the other hand, her husband has worked in Hit movies including Kon-Tiki, Out Stealing Horses, The Last Kingdom, Hercules, PointBreak, and Congo Murders. Additionally, he is doing Television series as well.

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His main source of income is his acting career. The actor’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million as of 2021. As reported he makes a salary of $100 thousand per episode of a series. According to his earnings, it seems like the whole family is having a lavish lifestyle.

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