Jessica Simpson Weight Loss- 100 Pounds Lost Within Six Months

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson lost 100 pounds within Six Months after her Third Birth.

The internet has been breaking with the news of Jessica Simpson‘s weight loss after several posts showing unbelievable changes in her body. The reviews and appreciation of fans couldn’t be more in those posts. The American singer lost about 100 pounds and became the subject of concern for every social media and news channel. The singer had weight around 240 lbs before and now she looks so slim and attractive. With such devotion and dedication towards her fitness and healthy lifestyle, the singer had been a great example for society after her awesome result.

Jessica Simpson After Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson looks Unbelievable After Weight Loss
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You may know or not but the actress/ singer is a mother of three, giving the latest birth in 2019. Due to pregnancy and other reasons, she had gained a lot of weight. Being a businesswoman and an exemplary fashion designer, she thought about losing weight and converted her thoughts into reality within six months. Besides, Jessica is also considered as the world’s best brand ambassador for the Jessica Simpson Style range which went through $1 billion sales in 2015 and still rising in the same way.

How Did Jessica Simpson lose 100 pounds?

Jessica Simpson actually went through those struggles after her third birth of Birdie. Harley Pasternak, Jessica’s trainer revealed some secrets about the weight loss of the singer. As reported, the passionate actress walked about 6,000 steps a day making her way to 14,000. Besides, plenty of sleep, a proper diet, and two snacks with almonds are also said as the hidden secret behind drastic weight loss. Her pictures on Instagram explains a lot more.

Jessica Simpson At her Yoga Pose

Didn’t she have a perfect body structure after weight loss?
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In an interview with the singer, she said she didn’t try to avoid the delicious foods. She took some healthier foods but not in the cost of her comfort foods. According to the sources, she also mentioned that she didn’t make up some strict routine but only followed healthy tips and guidelines. The yogas and daily exercise are also said to be done by Jessica during that time.

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Even though the singer hadn’t followed up some strict rules and but had to eat a lot of cauliflower. Continuos working and adding a lot of cauliflower on her diet was a hard part of her transformation. The actress even admitted, “It’s been a lot of hard work. I have to say that I have worked very hard. Everything that I’ve been eating is mostly made with cauliflower… [but] I just ate a bag of Cheetos in the back.” Follow her twitter for knowing her personally.

More about Jessica Simpson’s Trainer

Haster Pasternak also rose into the media after his success in Jessica Simpson’s weight loss. The trainer also has been responsible for other celebrities’ fitness like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr, and more. Haster conceded that he and Jessica started small and made their way into harder stuff. “It had to be more than just getting back from her baby weight, but how do I keep whatever I am doing now forever.” He said in an interview with E! and further added, “that’s why we are not a big fan of doing any extreme diet or radical forms of exercise.”

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It is a common thing to be proud of what you achieve after struggling for six months. The same case is with Jessica but she also expressed the negative reviews and hatred she got for her weight gain in her pregnancy. She told, “People [were] talking about my weight for an entire year. It’s like people just couldn’t stop talking about my weight fluctuating. It would bother any woman, I would think. I had to get to a place where I had to guard myself. The fact that I was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds, it’s ridiculous, and it’s really sad.” But those rumors and gossips made her lose her weight and she came back in her original posture after all.

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