Joe Rogan Weight Loss, Diet, Workout Routines

Joe Rogan Weight Loss, Diet, Workout Routines

Find out all the details about Joe Rogan’s weight loss, before and after, diet, and more details.

Joe Rogan is a 54 years old American comedian, actor, and former television host. He also works as a podcaster, actor, and color commentator for the UFC.

Looking at him, he looks more like an MMA fighter than a stand-up comedian. However, Rogan was a four-time Massachusetts full-contact state champion and later became a Taekwondo instructor.

Many people were curious about Joe’s personal diet plan and what he thought worked best after listening to the podcast. Continue reading to learn more about his weight loss, before and after photos, diet, and other details.

Joe Rogan Weight Loss – Before & After

Rogan revealed on his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ that he had been ‘fat-shamed’ the previous years. Moreover, he was fat-shamed because of his stomach and people made fun of him and he also posted about it on Instagram. However, he was able to lose all his fat, belly fat.

Joe Rogan Weight Loss (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

How much did he weigh before? His weight was around 205 pounds before and he was body shamed. How much weight did lose? Well, over a period of a month, Rogan lost 12 pounds, giving him a much more defined body shape.

How did he lose his weight? The UFC commentator eliminated all fruits, vegetables, and nuts from his diet as part of his radical diet change, which he completed as part of ‘World Carnivore Month.’

Although he is in a good shape, he follows his diet to get back on track. Rogan prefers to keep his workout routine simple. He, consumes a large amount of meat, preferably wild game, adds some jalapenos to keep it spicy, drink plenty of water, consumes vegies and includes nutritious meals.

He also believed that the carnivore diet was crazy and probably nonsense but realized that it was the best thing experienced in a long period. It again turns out that he went back on the diet in January 2022, revealing to his 14.6 million Instagram followers that he was making one change.

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“January is world carnivore month. This time I’m adding fruit to this diet. Just meat and fruit for the whole month.” 

Joe Rogan Weight Loss Diet, Workout Routines

Fans have been amazed and sometimes concerned  by the UFC commentator’s fitness regime and diets over the years, especially when he talks about his carnivore diet or spending thousands on workout equipment.

Joe Rogan Weight Loss (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

What diet does he follow? He follows a strict diet plan and prefers eating simple food that is free from grains and refined sugars. He usually has four small but protein-rich meals every day.

Rogan ate only meat, eggs, and cheese for a month at the start of 2020, avoiding vegetables, fruits, and carbs. A JRE podcast with Jordan Peterson had taught Rogan about the “only meat” diet. The diet had made a significant difference in Peterson’s daughter’s auto-immune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis.

Rogan also suffers from vitiligo, an auto-immune disorder that affects his hands and feet. He reported that the vitiligo on his hands had improved by the end of his month-long diet program. The biggest advantage of the carnivore diet, Rogan later explained, was that his energy levels remained consistent throughout the day.

Rogan needed to rely on supplements like vitamins, amino acids, and fish oil to meet his micronutrient requirements. Does Joe Rogan fast intermittently? Rogan chooses to fast for 16 hours, beginning in the evening and lasting until late in the morning.

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Moreover, Joe Rogan’s training program includes a little bit of everything. While he prefers weightlifting, he also incorporates MMA training, cardio, and yoga into his fitness routine.

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