Joe Thomas Weight Loss - Before & After, Secrets to His Weight Loss!

Joe Thomas Weight Loss

Grab all the details about the former NFL player, Joe Thomas weight loss, before and after, secrets to weight loss, and many more.

Joe Thomas is a former NFL player who played for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League for 11 seasons. As Football is a pretty aggressive game many players come in different shapes and sizes. And when Joe weighed in at 312 eyes almost, players were terrified of him.

But recently, the 36 years old went on NBC’s The Titan Games to reveal his astonishing weight loss. Let’s take a look at his weight loss journey.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss – Before and After

Joe Thomas revealed that he managed to lose around 50 pounds after retiring. He explained that the initial stage after retirement was easy. He would eat a lot less like a normal human being. But that wasn’t enough for him as he started noticing that he was still not eating smartly. So he started tracking his meals and understanding the ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats, and boom after few months we see a completely different man.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Before and After pictures

Joe Thomas weight loss Before and After pictures
Image Source: Pinterest

Joe Thomas looks absolutely amazing now after the transformation. And it seems that he still wants to lose some more weight. Let’s take a look at his before and after pictures, as we have shown above. Wait, what do you think about Joe Thomas’s weight loss. Some sources mentioned that some people couldn’t recognize him because of his incredible weight loss. Similar to Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

How Did Joe Thomas manage to Lose his Weight?

Joe Thomas’s major key was painting his diet and eating smartly. Joe not only tracked his food but came up with different strategies to help him with weight loss. He explained that his best strategy was the low carb, but flexible -with some intermittent fasting.

Joe revealed swimming also helped him in losing weight

Joe revealed swimming also helped him in losing weight
Image Source: U.S. Masters Swimming

Joe explained that with fasting he was able to ignore his breakfast which was around 100 calories. He further explained that eating fats and proteins keep him fuller now and whenever he eats carbs it makes him hungrier.

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Many of the fans must expect him to be on an extreme workout routine but it turns out otherwise. He simply turned to yoga. He shared

“I also love yoga. It makes my body feel REALLY good. It helps my joints and it’s also cardio for me. My wife laughs. She calls it a stretch. But for me, it’s a great workout because I sweat heavily. I’m down to 255. I’m actually trying to lose a little bit right now. I guess that’s kind of what everybody says.”

Joe also shared to Men’s health that he’s been swimming a lot and it helps with his joints. Yes, his joints were so stressed for playing football for years. Not only that, but he also likes biking. So, what do you guys think about his weight loss and body transformation? Let us know in the comments.

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