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John Finlay New Teeth

Grab all details of Canadian singer/songwriter John Finlay’s new teeth and answer your queries like Did John Finlay get new teeth, pictures.

Over time, John Finlay – the musically genius singer with knowledge of different genres like R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and Rock – new teeth fix has been trending over the internet lately. People have been showing a keen interest in him after his incredible teeth transformation. But what are the facts and procedures he went through? Let’s get to know together.

Since a majority of fans have been curious regarding John Finlay’s new shiny teeth and new looks from horrifying old looks; ahead we present you with all the details of Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay’s new shiny teeth.

John Finlay New Teeth are Dentures – Before & After Comparison

Finlay who was noticed for his horrible looks and ugly teeth, the changed look has surely made all the fans wonder what actually happened to his look. You can also compare the before and after looks of the star.

John Finley New Teeth are Dentures

John Denture Teeth is an example of how looks can change.
Image Source: Instagram (@johngatorfinlay)

As reported from TMZ, Finlay got his teeth fixed back in 2019, a matter of fact, they are dentures. As a fun fact, John was mad at Netflix and the filmmaker as they never showed it.

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According to John, there was plenty of footage and photos of his fixing smiles, however, they never made it to the final cut of ‘Tiger King’. Some sources have stated that the reasons behind those attractive teeth are nothing but veneers.

Meth was Not the Exact Reason For the Tiger King Star Bad Teeth

While a majority of fans also think that drugs being the major reason behind his bad teeth which is actually not true. Finlay admits that he used meth, but his teeth were mostly messed up before that due to genetic reasons. He has not used drugs in 6 years.

John Finlay teeth fixed before Tiger King and was not because of drugs.

As of now, he has made a living for himself with supportive fiancee Stormey. She also features at the end of the series while getting Joe Exotic tattoo reworked.

Is John Finlay Married to Joe Exotic?

Many have been searching about the relationship between John and Joe, but are they partners now? No, the songwriter is separated from Joe Exotic. They have been going in their own way and happy. But, to answer the questions, yes they were married at a time.

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The star Finlay has his own partner named Stormy with whom he has been married. On the other hand, Exotic is living a married life with Dillon Passage.

We hope you found the answer to your queries and found about John Finlay’s new teeth. For more Celebrity New Teeth articles, make sure to visit Celebs Diaries.

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