John Kruk Weight Loss

Everything you need to know about John Kruk weight loss, diet plan and workout with before and after snippets

John Martin Kruk is a former first baseman and outfielder for the American national baseball team. He was born in Charleston, WV on February 9, 1961. His birth sign is Aquarius.

So, how old is he? His current age is 61 (in 2022). The baseball player is American by his nationality. In West Virginia’s Keyser, Kruk was raised. He has Polish ancestry.

At Allegany Community College, Kruk played baseball for Junior College Hall of Fame Coach Steve Bazarnic. He also played baseball at Keyser High School, Potomac State College, and Keyser High School.

John Kruk participated in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a player with the San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago White Sox from 1986 to 1995. He was a three-time MBL All-Star during his playing career and later became a baseball analyst for ESPN. He is now NBC Sports Philadelphia’s color analyst for Phillies games.

Now let’s discuss John Kruk’s marital situation. Melissa McLoughlin and John Kruk were married. In 2000, they got hitched. Kyle Kruk, Kiera Kruk, and Galvin Kruk are their three children. Francis J. Moe Kruk Jr. (Father) and Sarah O. Lena Kruk are his parents (Mother). It is unknown how professionally his parents are.

Joe Kruk is the only brother he has. Awards Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies selected Kruk as the first baseman on the Phillies All-Vet Team (1971–2003) in 2003, the last season played at Veterans Stadium. Kruk was admitted to the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame on August 12, 2011.

John Kruk weight loss

So how much weight did the former baseball player lose?  John Kruk seems to be in better shape than before. John seemed pleased with his attempts to lose weight and his weight reduction results. Kruk is becoming well known due to the efforts that he has put into his weight loss.

Kruk weighed in at about 320 pounds. He had Type 2 diabetes and was reliant on insulin. He struggled to alter his eating, drinking, and way of life. He maintained his weight down at 225 pounds, which gave him confidence.

According to, Kruk is the first third baseman in the MLB to weigh 255 pounds. He weighed 246 pounds during his first season in San Francisco. “Gaining weight made me stronger, but it also made me heavier and slower,” After returning to the Red Sox in 2015, John said. Many people thought John Kruk was set to start a weight-loss adventure after hearing the comments.

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Looking back at the earlier photos of Kruk, he was always quite beefy. While he was a player, he gained a few extra pounds occasionally and lost a little weight at other times. He has lost some weight recently.

                    John Kruk weight loss (before and after)                        (Image Source : Celebs Diaries)

John Kruk, 61 years old, was heavy and in danger of having a medical emergency. John had gained a tremendous amount of weight, as seen in a previous shot of him. But he has had quite a bit of weight loss.

John Kruk diet plan and workout

So what diet plan does Kruk follows? John seems to follow a healthy balanced diet which may have led him to weight loss. He avoids most junk food and considers healthy foods which help him to be in better shape. He needs to control his eating and focus on healthy eating more to have even better results.

John Kruk traveled to New Orleans to engage in weight loss exercises with a nutritionist. John hasn’t yet made his diet plan public, though.

John may have also engaged in heavy weight lifting exercises, as suggested by the trainer, as these exercises help to reduce body fat, which promotes muscle growth and weight reduction. But there is no authentic information that shows his proper diet and his workouts. However, These workout plans and his balanced diet helped him in losing weight. Keeping him in greater shape than before.

So comparing his pictures from before and comparing his recent ones it’s clear that he had quite some weight loss.

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