John Waters Plastic Surgery, New Art Show

Find out all the details about John Waters’s plastic surgery on pets, Bieber, pimples, Lassie, new art show, and more details.

John Samuel Waters Jr. known as John Waters is an American filmmaker, writer, actor, and artist. He was born on 22nd April 1946, in Baltimore, Maryland USA, into a Roman-Catholic family.

However, he began to gain fame during the 1970s for his transgressive cult films, such as Multiple Maniacs (1970), Pink Flamingos (1972), and Female Trouble (1974).  Waters got more popular in 1981 at New Line Cinema, where he made movies like “Hairspray.”

Apart from movies and filmmaking, he is also up to his art gallery works. Moreover, he indicates his artwork as a way of telling stories and enjoys it. Read more to find more details about his plastic surgery works. Know more about plastic surgery on pets, Bieber, pimples, Lassie, new art show, and more details.

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John Waters Plastic Surgery Work

He has done plastic surgery works on his art by his imagination and made the work hilarious. Does he have questions about How would Justin Bieber look after extensive plastic surgery? What happens to a filthy film when you strip out all the profanity?  In his work, he has also done plastic surgery work on Lassie with a facelift. Moreover, Justin Bieber with a facelift.

Art gallery Sprüth Magers collection (Image Source: wexarts)

With his latest project, Waters asks, “Since I haven’t made a film in ten years, must I give my entire life’s work a facelift? Now that celebrity is the only obscenity left in the art world, where do I fit in?”

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“Hollywood’s Greatest Hits,” at L.A. art gallery Sprüth Magers, is a collection of more than 30 pieces by the iconoclast filmmaker. It includes items such as “21 Pasolini Pimples,” a frame dotted with what looks like acne, taken from still frames of the Italian filmmaker’s works, and “Justin’s Had Work,” a headshot of Justin Bieber under a mask of disfiguring cosmetic surgery.

John Waters New Art Show

The legendary director has presented more than 50 solo art shows around the world and keeps his work best. John Waters reveals about ‘Beverly Hills John,’ his new art show in NYC, opening Friday, January 9th at Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York.

Beverly Hills John (2012) John Waters Art (Image Source: Artnet News)

He reimagines himself as a Beverly Hills specimen, replete with buxom, botoxed lips and cheeks, tight-stretched and wrinkle-free skin, and an expression only a surgeon could love. However, he has the same mustache.

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However, the picture shows fun at his vulnerability, provokes debate about the definition of a classic, and encourages upheaval in the wreckage of the past. Anyways, he always tries to answer in hilarious ways.

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