'Melrose Place' Actress Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery, Botox, and Facelift

Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery Rises with the Comeback of The Wedding March!!!

‘The Melrose Place’ star Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery, Rumors, and Facts, Before and After, Transformation, The Wedding March, and more

The beautiful American actress Josie Bissett has been on the surface of media again. The film series ‘The Wedding March’ starting from 2016 has been back with the marriage of Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner. The two have been friends for a very long time and are enjoying each other’s company during shoots.

Premiered on August 14, Sealed With a Kiss: Wedding March 6 has been getting a lot of hype and appreciation as well. With the new appearance of the actress, fans are questioning her beauty. Some have speculated plastic surgery or other enhancements over her looks.

All About Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery

The 50-year-old star still has a fresh and attractive face which gave hints to the public about her plastic surgery. For removing wrinkles and other aging signs, Botox might have been the best choice for her.

Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery

Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery Before and After
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Not only in her case but botox has been injected by many celebrities who are entering their aging process. Botox also has some effects on the eyes and cheeks which are seen on the actress’s face.

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Before too, the ‘Melrose Place’ star was surrounded by rumors of plastic surgery. So, some even have pointed out that her flawless skin may be the reason behind her previous surgeries. Regarding the gossips about her cosmetic surgery, she was suspected to have done a boob job, rhinoplasty, and facelifts.

Are the Rumors True?

Comparing her before and after pictures, the changes are not so distinct. So, botox only has been the reasonable surgical procedure she went through. Besides, some surgeons also assumed the ‘The Wedding March’ actress has adopted a couple of enhancement procedures.

Josie Bissett (1)

The Snippet of Josie Bissett in her 50’s 
Image Source: Hallmark Channel

When the news and rumors reached their peak, actress Bissett denied all of it and said she was aging naturally. Further, she also added she hasn’t visited any surgeon in the past and does not have the intention of doing it in the future as well.

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Coming to her social media, she is active on several platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out all these for more info and updates on the actress’s life.

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