What's the Net Worth of Julie Belanger? Who Is Her Husband?

Julie Belanger – Every Details You Need to Know About Singer

Everything you need to know about classical singer Julie Belanger and every detail about her.

Julie Belanger was born on September 22 1974 in Port-Cartier, Quebec, Canada. Despite her popularity, the wiki does not have anything about her. This might be because most of her content is in french. 

The musician’s net worth is more than $1 million. She has released an album and has written a book. There is not much in-depth information about her in English on many sites but got you covered.

Julie Belanger Wiki – What Was Julie Belanger Like Before Fame?

Younger, Julie Bélanger was studious, serious, and competitive. After a DEC in human sciences, she moved on to preschool education. After her studies, she returned to live with her parents and found a summer job as a public relations officer in a local theater. This work turns out to be a revelation.

julie-belanger-gala-artis-2016-1 (1)
              The Snippet of Julie Belanger. (Image source: (Gala Artist)

Once the summer is over, she heads to Quebec City and begins a bachelor’s degree in public relations, which is more like her. She takes her first steps in a community radio station in Quebec, where she does scientific popularization. Three months later, she was drafted by the CHOI channel.

How Did Julie Belanger Career Begin?

However, it was TQS that gave him his first chance on TV. Julie Bélanger has announced that she has been working on a new very special project for a while now. Indeed, it has titillated its subscribers on social networks during the last month. 

Julian pose
                        Julian pose (image source: Pinterest)

The singer has also participated in Les Chefs! and Deux Filles le matin, as well as Stéphanie Crête-Blais, known for her performances at the theater, her role of Virginie in the series of the same name and of Catherine Provençal in Le Survenant.

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Julie Bélanger, known for her animation on Rythme FM, her record, will continue her radio activities on Rythme FM and television on TVA next fall. Julie is famous for Radio Personality (Famous from Deux Filles Le Matin). She is known for her amazing songs like Fil De Fer, Vive Le Vent, and many other. Not only that, she shows like just for laughs live, Deux Filles le matin, and others were an all-time hit.

What Is Her Book About?

After the passage of José Gaudet to announce the return of It ends well the week this fall with Julie Bélanger, it was the turn of the co-host of the show to be the guest of honor at Sucré Salé so that she can announce its own premiere.

Book cover
                            Book cover (image source: Amazon)

It is with great excitement that Julie Bélanger has indeed revealed to Patrice Bélanger that she was going to release her very first book! she said:

“I’ve been working on a project for a year already, and now it’s going to come out this fall and I’m super excited” 

The release of this book is all the more significant for the host because it will appear 10 years to the day after the release date of If there was not you, her first album, on October 21. Then said Julie Bélanger, visibly proud of the progress made.

Who Is Julie Belanger Husband?

Julie Bélanger, said yes to her boyfriend of the past seven years Ken Shuglo. The couple married on July 28 in the Lanaudière region.


Julian and her husband

Julie Belanger with her husband, Ken Shulgo
(Image source: Pinterest)

The couple seems in perfect symbiosis: She also said:

“With Ken, my life is simple, ”

Julie wore a superb strapless dress from Anne-Jean Michel and Ken a Hugo Boss suit. The ceremony was fun! And the evening continued on the dance floor where Julie swayed her hips to You never Can Tell by Chuck Berry.

They got married in 2012, they don’t have a child yet. She also has a dog as a pet. Earlier in 2020, the couple adopted a miniature Aussie doodle named Bubu.

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