Justin Williamson Lost Over 300 Pounds 

Justin Williamson Lost Over 300 Pounds 

Justin Williamson 300 pound weight loss – Find out in-depth details on former morbidly obese student 

If you have been following the internet, then you might have heard the obese weight loss struggle of Justin Williamson. Justin was once also considered the most obese teen in the United States, weighing 685 pounds.

It was a tough time for Justin to hear lots of criticism, mockings from the public and the media. It led him to depression thou Justin stayed strong with the review and stepped with a firm head decision of losing his obese weight.  And with strong decision and determination, Williamson was able to change the shut the face of all the teasers and is one of the plus-size community’s inspirations. Ahead we present you with his inspiration weight loss journey.

Justin Williamson Lost Over 300 Pounds – Before & After

Facing unwanted attention, Williamson set up a strong determination to lose his weight and shit mouth of all. And with a bully’s determination, Williamson was able to lose 300 pounds (136 K.G).

Justin Williamson was able to lose 300 pounds (136 K.G).

Justin Williamson loses 300 pounds (136 K.G)
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From all fat, Justin turned out to be slim and fit. However, the journey was not easy as it took him hours of hard work, consistency, and sacrifice to burn those fats. 

Justin wanted to relieve himself from all of that unwanted attention, so he decided to undergo weight loss. He lost nearly over 300 pounds when he embarked on the weight-reduction process and now looks completely different from his previous appearance.

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Williamson passed through numerous hindrances and hurdles along the way, which he worked hard to achieve his only goal in mind: a much slimmer and healthier body. Here’s how it went.

How Did Justin Williamson Undergo a 300-Pound Weight Loss?

Justin Williamson is currently a student at West Texas A&M University, with everyday student life. He studies and practices for his midterms and hangs out with friends, which he thought he never would ever experience in his life a few years ago.

The Most Obese Teenager Justin successfully lost his weight, meeting two personas, the former ‘Biggest Loser’ contestant and Florida State University coach Joe OstaszewskiJoe was one of his enormous inspirations who inspired him to make the change and save his life. 

Justin Williamson Life Felt Easy When He Loose Weight

Since his successful 300-pound weight loss, Justin Williamson looks much better nowadays and is doing well in terms of his health. By undergoing weight loss, in a way, he also saved himself. Now, he gets to be who is truly himself. The struggling student is also a great opera performer with piano. He is continuously practicing and giving all his time to his vocals. Besides making his life better, he also has been a great inspiration to many individuals wanting to make great changes in their life.

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