Kadeem Hardison Weight Gain! Is it Due to Sickness or Accident?

Kadeem Hardison Weight Gain! Is it Due to Sickness or Accident?

Grab all details about Kadeem Hardison weight gain and the reason behind his weight gain!

If you have been following the 57 years old Hollywood star Kadeem Hardison then you might well know him for his role as Dwayne Wayne on the popular sitcom A Different World. Over time, fans and followers have been curious to learn about the weight gain of the American star, so ahead we present you with the real facts regarding it,

Kadeem Hardison Weight Gain Reason! Is it due to Illness?

There is no specific reason behind Kadeem Hardison weight gain and the actor has also not stated anything related to it. As most of the celebrities gain weight due from their eating habits, in the case of Kadeem, it seems similar.

Kadeem Hardison Weight Gain Reason
Kadeem Hardison weight gain – Before & After. (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaires)

Comparing the image on the left-hand side and one on the right-hand side, you can clearly see that the actor has added double pounds of weight.

Overlooking his previous image, we can clearly estimate that he weighed around 90 kg (198 Pounds), and similarly, in the image on the right-hand side, his weight is around 135 (297 pounds). The Drive actor’s body seems to be loaded with a huge mass with a height of 1.81m (5 feet 11 inches).

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While most of the Sixth Man actor fans have assumed that the Hardison sickness might be the reason behind his weight gain, however, that is not true and simply his eating habit is the main reason behind Kadeem Hardison weight gain.

To track more changes, you can check out Kadeem InstagramKadeem Instagram handle and find the differences.

Kadeem Hardison Ex-Wife Chanté Moore and their children

Kadeem Hardison and Chanté Moore were quite a thing in the 90s. The couple first started seeing each other around 1994. Things were looking great between them and after three years of dating, they decided to get married on 17th November 1997.

The massive boost in their marriage was also because of the baby girl they had together prior to their marriage. Kadeem and Chanté’s daughter Sophia Hardison is now 26 years old being born in thy year 1996.

Things between Kadeem and Chanté didn’t work out well and they both decided to end their marriage after two years, getting divorced in 2000. Both of them still have a great relationship with each other and their daughter. They are constantly looking out for each other. When Chanté Moore was asked about her relationship with Kadeem Hardison, she only had positive words for him. Furthermore sharing they were meant to be more like friends than couples.

As of 2022, Kadeem Hardison seems to be single and enjoying his life. He is not reported to be dating anyone that we know of. He is quite a private person about his relationship matters. But if anything pops up, we’ll make sure to keep you guys updated.

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