Kaillie Humphries’s husband, net worth, Olympics, and tattoos.

Everything about the gold medalist Kaillie Humphries’s wiki/bio, husband, net worth, Olympics, and tattoos.

Kaillie Humphries is a Canadian-American bobsledder. Representing Canada, she was the 2010 and 2014 Olympic champion in the two-woman bobsled and the 2018 Olympic bronze medalist with brake woman Phylicia George.

Talking about Kaillie’s wiki/bio, she was one of the first women, along with American Elana Meyers, to pilot a mixed-gender team in a four-person bobsled competition. Besides, the athlete is also the first woman to drive an all-female team against men in a four-person World Cup bobsled race.

We also surfed Humphries’ Wikipedia, and apart from her life in the Olympics and World Cup, there is not much about her wiki/bio.

Nonetheless, we found out that the Olympian was married to Dan Humphries, a former bobsledder who competed for Great Britain and Canada. But unfortunately, the couple decided to part ways and got a divorce before the 2014 Olympics.

And in September 2019, she married American former bobsledder Travis Armbruster in California.

Kaillie Humphries’ Husband Travis Armbruster

Discussing briefly Kaillie’s current husband’s wiki/bio,  Travis has been a fitness professional for 8 years. And he is certified in ACE and NASM education programs.

                            Kaillie Humphries And her husband                                                             (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Armbruster specializes in improving flexibility, balancing, and strengthening through a variety of modalities. He utilizes specific techniques, like Rossiter, to help clients find fast pain relief and to assure long-term pain relief.

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Besides this, digging further about his wiki/bio, he is also involved in training Kaillie. He is from California. And he is also a former bobsledder. But unfortunately, besides, there has not been much about Travis on the internet. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia name for him and is only mentioned once in Kaillie Wikipedia.

Kallie Humphries Olympics

Recently Kallie Humphries has been buzzing a lot for seen few days, this is because she has won the gold medal in the bobsleigh mono bob event. And she has also become the first Olympic athlete to do so after its introduction at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

The 30-year-old athlete produced a final run of 1:05.30. The run confirmed her gold medal finishing the fourth heat with an overall time of 4:19.27.

In the Olympics 2022, Team USA managed first and second place as Elana Meyers Taylor joined her teammate on the podium to secure silver. Elana produced an impressive time of 1:05.11 in the final heat to post an overall time of 4:20.81.

Lastly, Canada’s Christine de Bruin secured herself in final place on the podium. Christine’s fourth run helped her edge out Germany’s Laura Nolte by 0.30 seconds.

Back in the 2010 Winter Olympics, the athlete won the gold medal in the two-woman competition with brake woman Heather Moyse. After the final run, Humphries said:

“I don’t think I can put it into words yet. We did our job, you know. The goal I set as a little kid, to have done it is amazing.”

After the 2010 Olympics, Kaillie could repeat similar results for nearly two seasons. During the 2010–11 World Cup series, she finished on the podium only once. Although her consistent top-10 finishes allowed her to finish in third place overall.

After a year in the 2011-2012 World  Cup Series, she slid to fifth place overall though she did have four podium finishes, including three gold medals.

After winning a bronze medal in 2018, the player filed a formal complaint against Todd Hays a coach for Bobsleigh Canada for verbal and mental abuse. Later she asked to be released from the program, initiating a protracted standoff.

Kaillie Humphries Net Worth

How much does Kaillie Humphries earn? According to reports, the athlete’s estimated net worth is around $12 Million. Besides, we also searched how much does an Olympic gold medalist earn.

Apparently, one of the most generous nations is Turkey, which is willing to pay roughly $380,000 for a gold medal. In addition to this Hong Kong, which competes at the Olympics independently of China, promises the equivalent of $642,000. But those are mostly theoretical exercises: Neither delegation has ever won a Winter Olympic medal.

As per the USA, the nation will pay $37,500 for each gold medal, $22,500 per silver, and $15,000 per bronze. The additional USA on top of money also grants and benefits like health insurance. This is available more widely available to Team USA athletes.

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Paralympic Committee and United States Olympic pay all this, which fundraises through a nonprofit foundation and does not receive federal funding.

Kaillie Humphries Tattoos

Many of you must have noticed a flower tattoo with the word “Believe” on Kaillie ‘s hand as she raced her first two runs. That’s only one of her many tattoos. We have seen several people wanting to know more about Kaillie’s tattoo, especially after her Olympics performance.

   Kaillie Humphries and her Tattoos (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

As we surfed her Instagram we came across a post that read “I’ve always been fascinated with tattoos.” She also added that she loves the artwork, the intensity, and the power they bring.

Humphries has also informed that each of her tattoos represents who she is. For her, they represent what she believes in, her family, success, and hardship. And above all the tattoos help her celebrate victories and overcome sadness.

According to the Olympic gold medalist, the tattoos tell her story, and she will continue to get them with each new journey throughout life.

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Now she is likely to have a dragon art tattoo added to her body. Specifically, a serpentine bobsled track in Beijing is known locally as “The Flying Snow Dragon.”

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