PIX11 News' anchor Kaity Tong Plastic Surgery - Facelift and Others (2)

PIX11 News Anchor Kaity Tong Plastic Surgery!!!

Everything about Chinese-born American broadcast Journalist Kaity Tong Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Botox, Health, and more

The Chinese-born Kaity Tong has set her name as a successful American broadcast journalist. The TV star has been serving New York City with her anchoring for more than 30 years. Her popularity sparked up when she won the Emmy Award.

Along with her continuous career as a TV anchor, the TV personality also falls under several suspicions of plastic surgery with her age. As the journalist gets older year by year, people have been wondering about her secrets to youthful looks.

Kaity Tong Admitted to Facelift

Parts of the rumor were cleared when she admitted to having facelift surgery in the year 2010. People’s questions got answered with her admission to those facts. However, others still are raising some further questions about her appearance.

Kaity Tong Facelift (1)

Kaity Tong After Facelift
Image Source: PIX11

Regarding other surgeries that came public, Kaity also went through other two surgeries to repair acute gastrointestinal problems. Performed by Dr.Aronoff, this surgery also misled some sources considering it to be her cosmetic surgery.

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The broadcaster has a good personality and has sexy looks in her short skirts and high heels. Furthermore, her Asian looks have attracted a lot of audiences throughout her career. And even in her mid-seventies, she really hasn’t lost her beauty.

What other Plastic Surgery has Kaity Tong Done?

Maybe the procedure of facelift has been favoring her since 2010 enhancing her appearance. Going through some sites, it seems the American journalist hasn’t done any cosmetic surgery other than the facelift she admitted.

Kaity Tong 5 years transformation

She looks the same 5 years apart
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Other than her face, her body also seems perfect even at that age. So, many assumptions of Botox are there as well. But as far as we know, the credit must be given to her genes as well.

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Talking about her social media, she is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We hope you got all the information you were looking for. Stay tuned at our site Celebs Diaries for more Articles on your Favorite Celebrities’ Teeth FixPlastic SurgeryWeight LossDatingBio, and more.