Katie Price Teeth - With & Without Veneers

Katie Price Teeth – Before & After Veneers

Grab all details of glamour model Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexxis Price better known as Kati Price teeth before and after, veneers, and without veneers. 

It’s obvious that if you overlook Katie Price‘s teeth, then you might never know that she had veneers implanted. And it came as shocking news too when Katie came up with a video of installing veneers. Yes, for those who are just knowing it now might be in shock as Katie who has been a figure of beauty & glamour, shares fake teeth.

In order to know the details of the Loose actress’s dental transformation and learn some facts about her teeth, veneers we have presented you with all the details of media personality and model Katie Price before and after teeth veneers.

Katie Price Without Teeth Veneers

Katie Price Without Teeth Vanners

Katie’s teeth, to be honest, are horrifying.
Image Source: Dailymail

As you can see that Katie has no teeth at all. And if we see the before snaps then we can find metal teeth coming out of her mouth. All her teeth are damaged with a cavity. But thanks to the amazing dental team of Dental Centre, Katie got shiny teeth as the without teeth look was sure frightening as hell.

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As you can see the ‘Before’ & ‘After’ veneer implant snaps show a major transformation in Price’s facial structure. Sure made us realize how important teeth are! Moving on, Katie whose smile has always been considered as one of her charming factors had some trouble after installing her first set of veneers back in 2017. She faced problems like ulcers and was unable to speak due to instability and structure. (Compare from Instagram)

How did Katie Price Teeth Fall Out?

How did Katie Price Teeth Fall Out?

Price is yet to address the real reason behind her bad teeth.
Image Source: YouTube

Katie is yet to share the exact details of how her teeth fell but seeing all her damaged teeth certainly tells she might have a dental infection, a serious cavity, or at worst an accident. All of her teeth seem to have lost their shape and seem black with cavities. Well, the one thing that’s important about the teeth is taking good care of it with a scheduled dentist appointment.

Once the teeth start to gets rusty and weak, it spreads like a virus, affecting every tooth in the jaw. So it’s important to watch and take e care of your teeth. And the same happened with Katie as all of her teeth had to be reconstructed with Vanners.

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