Kay Adams is Open About Her Plastic Surgery Procedures! Adams Illness and Without Makeup Difference Explained!

Kay Adams is Open About Her Plastic Surgery Procedures! Adams Illness and Without Makeup Difference Explained!

Fans and followers of the Scottish television presenter & journalist Kay Adams seem to be curious to learn either Adams has undergone plastic surgery or not. So in order to learn the real facts, we’ve brought you the details regarding it.

Born on December 28, 1962, Kaye Adams is a Scottish television presenter and journalist who became popular for being the anchor on ITV Loose Women and Channel 5’s daily morning show The Wright Stuff. Currently, she is the host of BBC Radio Scotland.

Over time, the news regarding Kay Adams’s plastic surgery seems to be trending all over social media, so, ahead we present you with all the details, covering answers to questions like her plastic surgery, without makeup looks, and illness.

Kay Adams Plastic Surgery is Picture Perfect Even Without Makeup!

Yes, Kay Adams has undergone plastic surgery procedures to clock her youthfulness. And unlike other celebrities and television personalities, Adams is open about undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. The 59-year-old self-posted pictures of her ongoing plastic surgery procedures giving fans glimpses of how the process is undertaken.

The media personality began her turkey neck treatment using the radio frequency method where the heat helps with skin tightening. Similarly, she also used botox injections which help to reduce facial wrinkles.

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And it worked! Kay’s turkey neck was gone! Initially, Adams had some mosquito sting bumps on her skin, however, those bumps were gone within 24 hours, leaving a clear face with no wrinkles. Well, what we observed was a proper and experienced doctor can really help you to enhance your looks. Adams’s looks seem natural even if she doesn’t use any makeup.

Kay Adams is Suffering from Hearing Loss Illness!

Loose Women star recently in July 2022, shared about her hearing loss illness and shared that her inability made her quite upset and worried about it. As per reports from Hello Magazine, Adams shared,

She said:

“For around five-ish years, maybe more, I have been aware that I’ve been struggling but you just make excuses.”

As always, Adams is really connected with her fans; she shared pictures of her hearing problems by sharing an image of her getting treatment with Dr. Feraza Shraf on Instagram. She does not have any illness besides a hearing problem. And she needs to wear a hearing aid to get her hearing sensation back.

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