Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Grab all the details about “The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher” show’s host, Kelly Osbourne weight loss, before and after, her relationship with Erik Bragg, and many more.

Kelly Osbourne is an English television personality, singer, fashion designer, actress, and model. Many people may recognize her as the daughter of popular singer/songwriter Ozzy Osbourne (father) and Sharon Osbourne (mother).

Recently many fans couldn’t help but notice the dramatic change in her body. Yes, it’s been said that she somehow managed to lose 90lbs. So, let’s talk about how she did it and what’s going on with her.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss – Before and After

Kelly Osbourne is the type of person who always looks forward to changing and she’s proved that to us with a year of hard work. Even though many people were caught up about how she looked rather than how she is, she didn’t do it for that fans. The 36-years-old fashion designer simply wanted a healthy living.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss Before and After picture

Kelly Osbourne weight loss Before and After picture
Image Source: Page Six

Kelly spoke about losing 90lbs saying

“I did it for me. I did it because I wanted to live. What I saw in the mirror… I wanted the body to match the mind, because, I spent so much time working on my mind, and then I spent a year working on my body and now it’s about the soul… did the mind, the body, now the soul.”

Let’s take a look at her before and after pictures, as we have shown above, to perceive her current and then body shapes.

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Kelly also related this scary time with the pandemic and everything with her life and how she’s terrified and excited as well for beautiful change yet to happen with her and the world.

How Lid Kelly Osbourne Lost 90lbs?

Well, it’s no secret. Almost everyone knows this but we are too lazy to follow. All she simply did was follow her workout routine every day with her trainer. Further, The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher show’s host also was on a strict diet only eating light meals, avoiding as much fat and carbohydrates, drinking healthy juices, and almost avoiding dairy products.

Kelly lost 90lbs by following her workout routine every day

Kelly lost 90lbs by following her workout routine every day
Image Source: Daily Mail

Kelly also shared on her Instagram, as of now, she is in the best place she ever could be. Furthermore, she’s enjoying her life with her sweet boyfriend, Erik Bragg who supports each other very well.

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Not only that Kelly was an alcohol addict. Kelly just couldn’t drink like a normal person. Even though she tried convincing herself she just overdrank every time. Which slowly led her to call quits on her drinking habits. It’s so inspiring how she just called the quits on everything and went on her everyday grind looking for transformation.

British Model’s Relationship with Erik Bragg

Kelly Osbourne, an English TV personality and Erik Bragg, 36 are in a healthy spot in their relationship. Moreover, Bragg has a huge impact on her change and they compliment each other very well every opportunity they get.

Kelly Osbourne and Erik Bragg are in a serious relationship

Kelly Osbourne and Erik Bragg are in a serious relationship
Image Source: Daily Mail

Kelly shared about her boyfriend

“I got all of my career goals happening… and then I got happy cause I got this incredible boyfriend and everything in my life is so great and I’m like I’m not an addict anymore… On top of that pandemic fever… It all just got too much.”

She further shared.

“We’ve been dating so long that we both use the word… I can tell you that I am getting to know somebody that is incredible, talented, amazing, and makes me laugh so much.”

It’s obvious that, they are in a serious relationship as they has been complimenting and helping each other when they were friends. No wonder, why the fans are rooting for them from the very beginning.

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