Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Although Kelly Piquet has not addressed anything about having or planning to have plastic surgery let us be the first to bring our analysis to you. Check out whether her nose has changed and more with before and after photo comparison.

Kelly Piquet is a Brazilian beauty. People know her for being a columnist, blogger, and public relations professional.

As per Kelly’s ethnicity, her fans suspect that Piquet is German. But no although she is of mixed ethnicity she actually has Brazilian and Dutch backgrounds.

The model was born in Germany in 1988. But her mom is Dutch, she is none other than the model Sylvia Tamsma. Later when she was 12 they moved to Brazil, where her father is from.

Anyways, talking about Kelly Tamsma’s plastic surgery speculations we have gathered all there is over the internet and also compared her old and new photos and this is what we found.

Kelly Piquet Plastic Surgery

Year after year we can clearly see an increase in the usage of cosmetic surgery procedures. And one primary reason is the growth of social media.

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The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery conducted a poll relating to this. This showed surgeons seeing more than a 30 percent increase in the number of patients interested in plastic surgery to improve their image on social media.

Social media has also been accused of hurting your body image. People now judge your facial structure and body type more than ever. There is a constant comparison of yourself to unrealistic standards. In addition to this photoshop and filters are readily available to users to set unrealistic appearances.

Nose jobs, boob jobs, facelifts, and botox are very popular plastic surgery. Jawline surgery, chin line surgery, and fillers are also favored.

Firstly how did Kelly Piquet’s plastic surgery rumors start? They have been ongoing for a while. However, recently people’s interest on the subject has increased after Max Verstappen‘s second world title victory sparked bedlam in the paddock at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Kelly Piquet Plastic Surgery (Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

For the celebration, the racer was joined by his Red Bull team and girlfriend Kelly Piquet.

We also like to add that Verstappen is not the first F1 race to date Piquet. In fact, she has a daughter with Daniil Kvyat. Kyvat, a Russian driver, has two spells in F1 between 2014-2016 and 2019-2020.

Kelly Piquet Plastic Surgery Procedures

Getting back to the topic did the model really go under the knife? Yepp, after comparing a few of her old pic we are certain that she has had a few major tweaks over the year.

Firstly we suspect that Kelly has done an eyebrow lift.  Don’t her eyebrows look lifted to you? We accept that makeup can also give this effect but we believe it is a plastic surgery procedure.

Likewise, we also believe that the 31-year-old social media influencer has been using botox injections too. There are no wrinkles on her forehead and her skin has a gloss that such treatments bring.

The most notable difference we found was her nose. It looks completely different from the one she started her career with. We highly predict that the model has had a rhinoplasty done.

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Comparing her before and after pics, does it look that the part of the nose called the Dorsum has shrunk? Similarly, you also notice her plumped and thick lips. It looks like the actress uses lip filler frequently as well.

Lastly, we like to add that Kelly didn’t have boob jobs done. They have no drastic size change to indicate it. As per the total cost of her plastic surgery procedures, Kelly’s botox can cost around $300 to $600 and last for 5 months at max while her lip filler can vary from $600 to $1200 and her nose job cost $5500.

However, this is not a big deal for a person whose estimated net worth is $1 million dollars.

Back in 2014, Piquet signed herself up as a columnist for Marie Claire Magazine after which she joined the Formula-E social media team. This still remains her main source of income.

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