38-year-old Mom of Two, Keuana Weaver Plastic Surgery, Cause of Death

Keuana Weaver Plastic Surgery

The news of a woman dead after undergoing through surgical procedure has been heartbreaking to all. The incident happened in Tijuana when they went for tummy tucks. People lately have shown keen interest in reading the accident. Follow every word in the article to know the facts and truth about Keuana Weaver Plastic Surgery and her death.

Plastic Surgery and Death of Keuana Weaver

A normal woman, who is also a mother of two, went for the surgery after she felt conscious about her fat tummy. She also had a friend, Dalelisha Smith, who hardly survived after the surgery. So, thinking of tummy tucks as a simple procedure, Keuana, and her sister-in-law signed up at the Art Siluette Aesthetic Surgery clinic.

Keuana Weaver

The Snippet of Keuana Weaver
Image Source: CALI FM RADIO

Ms. Smith was shocked to hear about the death of Keuana which happened at the spot on an operating table. We can’t even imagine how much hardship Dalelisha had to go through to break the news to Keuana’s brother, Kesean Robins, and mother, Yolanda Weaver.

What does Mrs. Weaver Say About it?

Following the death of a daughter, Yolanda pointed out that the plastic surgeon at the Tijuana Clinic was not licensed. She even warned the people so that another mother shouldn’t have to feel the same way as she felt.

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Mrs, Weaver shared her sadness saying the clinic didn’t inform her about the death of her daughter. To present her actual words, she conceded, “They just discarded my daughter like she was a piece of trash. No one still has called me to say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ No one has contacted me.”

The Cause of Death and Plastic Surgeon

Did she really died from the carelessness of the surgeon or was she a patient of some other disease as well? The autopsy cleared the cause of Keuana’s death was a heart attack and some blood clotting issues. Besides, madamenoire has reported she died from “secondary hypoxic encephalopathy” which refers to damage to the central nervous system by inadequate oxygen and blood supply.

Keuana Weaver and Plastic Surgeon Jesús Manuel Báez López

Have a look at the 38-year-old mom and her surgeon
Image Source: Metro

The daily beast also has presented the mother and daughter story through their site. The clinic in Mexico, which attracted patients with discounts has been under different critics and allegations. As a whole, we would like Keuana’s voice to be heard as her mother. Some enhancements are not worth your life. It’s best not to have surgery but if you have to, please, make sure the surgeon is licensed and have a look at his/her success rate as well.

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At last, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Keuana and her family on such demise. We wish other patients who are hospitalized also get better soon. For more surgery and celebrity transformation content, surf around Celebs Diaries.

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