North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Weight Loss - Before and After

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Weight Loss Raises Health Rumors!!!

Get to know everything you have been searching about North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un weight loss, before and after, health, conspiracies and more

Today, we are here with the most controversial name in the politician history, Kim Jong-un weight loss article. The supreme leader has been under several suspicions and allegations regarding his sudden change in his physique.

The pictures showing his incredible weight loss got all over the internet in no time. Every news site and people have their own opinions and perception of how they are reacting towards the weight loss of the politician.

Kim Jong-un Before and After Shedding Pounds

The politician has always been a center of attention since 2011 and now is at its peak with sudden transformation. Several sources also have put some conspiracy theories to grab the attention. Menshealth clearly mentioned that Kim has been limiting himself in eating cheese.

Kim Jong-un before and after weight loss

The politician before and after weight loss
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

In an interview with Metro, Dr. Sojin Lim conveyed, “We know that he has good sources, he enjoys cheese, he’s a heavy drinker, he has access to all junk foods.” The North Korean expert added, “But because of these border closures the way he brings all these foods into North Korea will have been cut. So he doesn’t have the same variety anymore.”

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The news stood a chance as Covid-19 has blocked every import of junk foods. However, some believe that the reason was not justifiable.

Coming to his weight loss, he shed about 44 pounds and looked a lot different than he was before. The weight loss also favored him as he proved that the economic crisis had affected him as well. As soon as the politician got out, many rumors about him being sick also travelled around the world.

Does he have any health Problem?

But the guardian denied all rumors and confirmed that Kim’s health is at its best. The weight loss seems to be intentional and the politician has been under several routines for his physique. The leader used to weigh 308 pounds while he is now a 264 pound man with a perfect health and good physique.

Kim Jong-un after weight loss (1)

He is all healthy and at his best
Image Source: BBC

The dictator also received a lot well wished and appreciation with his work. The state media reported that he had totally dried out helping and worrying about his people. The Times even mentioned that the ruler didn’t care about the weather caring people like his own children.

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While losing weight has been a hard thing to do, the North Korean politician lost about 44 pounds in the span of two years since pandemic hit. Some even took the conspiracy to such far that it said Kim Jong-un has been using his double. However, South Korea made sure that it was Kim through various Artificial Intelligence technology.

His secrets to the weight loss

The spy agency also went for a deep understanding the reason behind weight loss. Later, it concluded that there is not any body double of the politician but a healthy weight loss after workouts and proper diets.

Kim Jong-un (1)

He seems a lot different than before
Image Source: NBC News

Daily mail pointed out another fact that the 38-year-old leader is also suspected to have gone through weight loss to express his desire to “eat less to help the country” in such situation. The leader hadn’t appeared in the media for over the month making it the longest absence in seven years. These kind of facts also ignited the rumors and conspiracies.

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