Kyle Rittenhouse shooting video footage

Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Incident? Victim, Trial, & Charges Updates Reddit shooting video

Find out all about Kyle Rittenhouse’s shooting video, case update, trial, and charges in detail including the reason behind it and also charges.

On Aug 25, demonstrations had filled Civic Center Park in Kenosha’s downtown, across from the heavily barricaded courthouse And it had been defended by police officers and National Guard members.

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is on November 4. If you are not aware of what incident went on in the recent days we will tell you.  Recently, during a chaotic night in Kenosha, a teenager has been accused of killing two men.

In August, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that prosecutors had a video. The video had Rittenhouse, sitting in a car outside a CVS in which he was seen wishing that he had his assault rifle so he could shoot at some men leaving the store.

Furthermore, the county prosecutor said in court papers that the video showed that the teenager fervently authorized himself as an armed vigilante into situations that were none of his problems.

Nonetheless, according to the prosecutor, the video was proof that the defendant was already willing to use deadly force in the situation even if it was seen as unnecessary.

Who is Rittenhouse? How old is Rittenhouse?

Kyle doesn’t have a Wikipedia to his name. And how could he, Rittenhouse is not a famous celebrity. However, he is mentioned in a Wikipedia page titled “Kenosha unrest shooting”.

Well according to the news, he wasn’t law enforcement or a member of the military. Matter of fact, he was even from Wisconsin, let alone the city where civil unrest and protests happened after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Kyle Rittenhouse
             Kyle Rittenhouse (Image Source: celebsdiaires)

According to some reports, Kyle Rittenhouse was an ardent police supporter before the incidents. Moreover, he served as a youth cadet in the Grayslake Police Department.

And also had posted photos of himself brandishing a rifle above the caption “Blue Lives Matter.” Likewise,  the teenager was also a part-time work as a YMCA lifeguard in Lindenhurst, Illinois until March 2020.

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According to the authorities, Rittenhouse’s friend, Dominick Black, allegedly bought the semiautomatic rifle for Rittenhouse because Rittenhouse was still a minor. Apparently, Dominick called Rittenhouse to join him on his crusade to protect local businesses.

Talking about Rittenhouse’a age, although he has committed such a big crime, he is still in his teenage years, he is 17-year-old.

Why did Rittenhouse shoot those people?

Apparently, the teenager claims it as self-defense. We would like to inform you that Rittenhouse was illegally carrying an assault rifle in a state that prohibits minors from carrying any firearms in public places, with exceptions for hunting.

But according to his point of view, Rittenhouse has said he went to Kenosha armed to protect businesses from looters.

Kyle Rittenhouse shooting video footage
                             Kyle Rittenhouse shooting video footage                                                          (Image Source: celebsdiaries)

It is really hard to comprehend what Rittenhouse did after seeing the video footage. In the footage, law enforcement did not see Rittenhouse as a threat. In fact, before the shootings, officers gave him water as a show of their appreciation.

Later on, after the gunfire, even as bystanders were shouting at nearby officers about what had happened, and Rittenhouse was still not suspected. Later on, he just calmly walked away from the scene.

Before this incident, the Kenosha officer police shot a man seven times in the back. In event occurred when Blake was holding a knife and trying to return to his vehicle in broad daylight.

The most ambushing and unnerving thing about all this is that the police viewed a guy named Blake who was holding a knife as a treat but did not see Rittenhouse as one.

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Why was Kyle Rittenhouse carrying a firearm? Well according to the teenager part of his job in the protest was to also help people. And if there is somebody hurt, he surely runs into harm’s way. And That’s why he has a rifle.

Who are the Victims in the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting incident?

As we discussed before during the gunfire, Kyle killed two people and wound one. So who is Rittenhouse’s victims?

Milwaukee hospital on the day of the shooting released a person named Rosenbaum. According to the hospital, he had a suicide attempt. Till now no one knows why he was on Kenosha’s streets the night of the protests.

In 2002 he was included in a conviction for sexual conduct with a minor in Arizona. Thus, the judge denied a defense request to argue that Rosenbaum was trying to get Rittenhouse’s rifle because Rosenbaum legally couldn’t get one on his own.

Kyle Rittenhouse charges
                                Kyle Rittenhouse on charge                                               (Image Source:  celebsdiaries)

Secondly, Huber was while he was swinging a skateboard at Kyle. Huber was one of the popular skateboarders in Kenosha’s skateboarding community.

He also had a girlfriend, Hannah Gittings who said Huber loved skateboarding more than anything. Like Rosenbaum, Huber also served a pair of prison stints stemming from the family conflict in 2012.

Thirdly, Kyle also wounded Grosskreutz, 27, of West Allis. Grosskreutz says that he attended several protests following Floyd’s May 2020 death.

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Grosskreutz was trained in paramedics. And he was carrying medical supplies on the night of the Kenosha shootings. Additionally, the 26-year-old  had been armed with a pistol. Moreover, the pistol had been in his hand when he approached Rittenhouse, who shot him in the arm.

Charges against Kyle Rittenhouse

Lawyers for Mr. Rittenhouse requested to remove a charge of carrying the weapon illegally as Rittenhouse is a minor. However, the judge denied their request.

Furthermore, the maximum penalty for that this action is nine months in jail and he also needs to pay a total amount of $10,000 fine. After being charged, Mr. Rittenhouse became a cause célèbre to some conservatives, who praised him for trying to protect businesses from damage by patrolling downtown Kenosha with a military-style rifle.

Online fund-raising also paid for the $ 2million dollar bail for Mr. Rittenhouse.

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