'Too Hot to Handle' Larissa Trownson Teeth, Plastic Surgery and more.

What Happened to ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Larissa Trownson Teeth???

‘Too Hot to Handle’ star Larissa Trownson Teeth Fix, Plastic Surgery, Before and After Transformation, Career and more.

The reality star Larissa Trownson has made her own fan base in just a couple of years. Gathering recognition from the reality TV series ‘Too Hot To Handle’, she has been a celebrity and an idol for many. Her beauty has attracted a lot of audiences in a short span of time.

She also has gathered a decent amount of money from the show as well. Lately, she went through plastic surgery which also became a subject of keen interest to the public. She didn’t leave a single part to be untouched by a plastic surgeon. Along with her enhancement over appearance, fans are considered about her teeth as well.

Larissa Trownson Plastic Surgery

The Snippet of star Larissa Trownson
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What attracted audiences to her teeth? Did she go through some dental procedures? If yes. what are the teeth enhancements she has done over the years? Know about Larissa Trownson before and teeth.

What happened to Larissa Trownson Teeth?

As the show “Too Hot to Handle” is all about sex and how much one can resist any sexual activity, Larissa has become a major interest of fans and followers. She has been more appealing and unresistible after the heavy plastic surgery. However, her teeth has some drawbacks.

_Too Hot to Handle Larissa Trownson Teeth

Her teeth has not been appreciated by the fans
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Unlike her appearance and her physique, people are less attracted towards her teeth. Many fans have some queries about why the star preferred surgical procedure but not teeth. A fan even brought to reddit with his concerns saying,

“I’m not trying to be rude, I swear. But while watching the season, I just don’t understand how Larissa has so much plastic surgery (which I’m not against whatsoever, to each their own) but hasn’t put money towards her teeth.”

Her teeth seemed yellowish which made a lot impact on her overall appearance. Sources have claimed that the color may be due to smoking or red wine. Even if it is so, i would have been best if she had done some whitening over her teeth in such tempting show.

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She has gained over 190k followers on Instagram and 1390 followers on Twitter.

What cosmetic surgery she has gone through?

Regarding her cosmetic surgery, she has admitted to having Botox, Breast Implants and Lip Fillers. The surgery effects also have been seen on her eyes and forehead as well. However, she has been straight forward with her surgical procedure and wants every woman to come forward with who they are.

Larissa Trownson Plastic Surgery and Teeth (1)

The picture only speaks about her plastic surgery clearly
Image Source: Reality Titbit

The regular usage of Botox have made her appearance distinct and clear of having plastic surgery. The wrinkles and dark spots are not visible due to the surgery. This changes have made her look younger than her actual age.

Besides the dating show, she is a full time lawyer who has been striving to tell people that “you can be smart and wear a bikini too.” She has finished law school and is on the way to becoming a reality tv star as well. With that being said, she has been a motivation to many through the Netflix series.

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