Larsa Pippen Plastic Surgery - What Procedures Had She Have Done?

‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ star Larsa Pippen Plastic Surgery

Grab all the details about the NBA star Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen plastic surgery along with her before and after comparison, possible procedures, and many more. 

Larsa Pippen might not be the new name for you if you love watching the Bravo series. As a matter of fact, she is known as a cast member of the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Miami. In fact, Larsa is an American actress, reality TV personality, and model who hails from Chicago.

Later, the American model gained the spotlight when she was married to NBA star Scottie Pippen. Larsa and Kim Kardashian were good friends but now no longer. The public is curious to know exactly what happened to their friendships. Not only that, people are claiming that the American actress and Kim shared the same surgeon. Is it true? Let’s unfold the truth about Larsa Pippen’s plastic surgery.

Larsa Pippen Plastic Surgery

Larsa Pippen has been in the public eye because of her relationship with an NBA star, however, she herself made her name in the showbiz industry. Not to mention, she has been able to gain huge attention from the public as a former friendship with Kim Kardashian.

Larsa Pippen after going through cosmetic enhancements

Larsa Pippen after going through cosmetic enhancements
Image Source: Life & Style

The 46 years old actress now once again breaks the internet when people came to know that she had done plastic surgery. Her fans said that her recent snippets on Instagram look totally different. They said her before and after snippets are “totally different people.” And, soon the controversies stated that she had done plastic surgery.

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However, the former Real Housewives of Miami star has been tight lips regarding the rumors. But, surprisingly, she still continues to amaze her fans and haters showing her cosmetic beauty on different social media platforms.

Larsa Pippen Before Plastic Surgery – Before & After Comparison

Before going through plastic surgery, Larsa Pippen was all-natural beauty. People also used to admire her natural beauty and used to admire her for not going through cosmetic procedures. However, the Selling Sunset star didn’t felt comfortable with her natural beauty. As in the showbiz industry, beauty matters the most.

Larsa Pippen before plastic surgery

Larsa Pippen before plastic surgery
Image Source: E! Online

The mother of four kids whom she shared with her ex-husband Scottie, had previously claimed that she had done UltraShape with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Horn in Chicago. UltraShape is a non-invasive which is used to destroy fat cells using that ultrasound waves. She shared on her blog post

“UltraShape gives me more confidence. I eat well and exercise regularly, but there are certain areas that are resistant to all my efforts. With UltraShape, the inches are disappearing.”

However, the Chicago native revealed that she had gone through UltraShape, but, never committed going under the knife. When the fans and critics started to compared her before and after cosmetic procedures snippet, they claimed that she had done Nose Job, Lip Fillers, and Cheek Implants. Well, let’s compare her before and after the picture.

Larsa Pippen before & after plastic surgery comparison

Larsa Pippen before & after plastic surgery comparison
Image Source: Life & Style

After comparing her before and after snippet we came to know that the American model’s lip was smaller than the current ones. Likewise, her current nose looks different. Her current nose bridge is more pointer than before. From the above picture, it’s likely the famous model had also gone through a fat transfer procedure.

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The 46-years-old TV star is also alleged to went through cheek implants to prevent wrinkles as her current face shows wrinkles free and people were quick to notice it and speculate she had done cheek implants. But, the actress denies all the procedures.

Did Larsa Have Surgeries to Look Like Kim Kardashian? They Both Shares Same Surgeon?

Changing the appearance throughout the year, Larsa Pippen had been spotted several times with her different looks. The American actress and Kim Kardashian used to be good friends and were very close. However, some people have claimed that she had done surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian.

Do they look the same?

Do they look the same?
Image Source: The Sun

Some sources stated that Larsa and Kim share the same surgeon. Larsa had revealed that she had done an abdominal skin-tightening procedure with Dr. Ourion. And, if you are not aware then Dr. Ourion is the one who had performed cosmetic enhancements to Kim Kardashian.

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So, people speculate that Dr. Ourion also had performed the same procedures on Lisa. But, the ex-wife of the NBA star remains on tight lips about it.

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