Will & Grace's Writer Laura Kightlinger Face - Before and After (1)

What happened to Laura Kightlinger Face?

Every Detail on American Comedian and Writer, Laura Kightlinger Plastic Surgery, Before and After Comparison, Cheek and Jaw Implants, and more.

Coming to today’s session, we have come here to present Laura Kightlinger‘s lifestyle. Laura is an American actress, comedian, and writer as well. The multi-talented star received global recognition through Will & Grace as Nurse Sheila.

Laura Kightlinger (1)

The Snippet of the actress
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The star has appeared in more than 40+ movies but is known for her writing and producing works more than her appearance in those movies and TV shows. But lately, her name is over the internet trending section regarding her plastic surgery.

What happened to her face? Did she go through any cosmetic surgery? Know all the transformation she went through over a decade along with her before and after pictures.

Laura Kightlinger Plastic Surgery

Many sites have mentioned that the star has gone through several plastic surgeries in her career time. So, the question comes exactly what procedures she went through? However, the actress didn’t go through all these procedures to enhance her beauty. But the surgery was for her misaligned jaw.

Laura Kightlinger plastic surgery before and after

Comparison of her before and after looks
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Those cosmetic procedures didn’t go as she expected and that made her look worse. This created a lot of chaos among the fans and followers. She also mentioned that she had a severe headache due to the misalignment of her jaw. So, she had no option other than jaw and skull surgery.

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Further, her plastic surgery is not so open as others lately but if she wants to go for it, that’s her choice. With time, the 57-year-old has become attractive as well and the surgeon also seems to have done great work on her.

Cheek and Jaw Implants in 2007

The first plastic surgery news about the American star was raised in 2007 when her plastic surgery became so controversial at the time. After more than 13 years, people are bringing back the rumors and news about her trying to find the truth.

Laura Kightlinger 2021 (1)

She now has aligned chin and jaw
Image Source: Moviefit.me

The truth is that she went through the blade on her cheek and her chin making a lot of changes over the years. Ilxor also has presented some admirers’ comments regarding her plastic surgery back in 2007. Some expressed their disagreement saying the comedian was beautiful as she was.

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However, stay tuned to know if Laura goes through any further cosmetic procedures or not. And also, check out her social media like Twitter and YouTube.

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