Learn about Scott Stallings Weight Loss in details!

Learn about Scott Stallings Weight Loss in details!

Find out all the details about Scott Stallings’s weight loss, before and after, and more details.

Scott Stallings is an American professional golfer. He is known for playing on the PGA Tour. He has been winning numerous golf tournaments including the Greenbrier Classic during his first PGA Tour Victory.

However, Many PGA Tour fans have noticed the pro golfer’s weight change in recent years, since he is significantly slimmer than his previous shape. Read more to find more details about his weight loss, before and after, and more details.

Scott Stallings Weight Loss

A few years ago, Stalling lost weight and became 50 pounds lighter. He came in the best physical shape of his career.

How did he lose his weight? He was able to lose his weight by going to the gym, and he was able to do so because of his strong commitment and resolve to make a change. He lost 50 pounds in 2019, one year after starting his weight-loss program.

PGA Tour Entertainment sat down with Stallings to learn more about his change. It all started with a basic goal of bettering his life and golf skills. He describes, he started attending CrossFit. And he attributes the dedication to the one phrase that kept motivating him to keep pushing: 

We gotta pay the man today. At first, I didn’t know what that meant…I was ‘I don’t know what that means.’ And he said, ‘You’ve got two things you can control: Your attitude and your effort, and the rent is due on both every day, so pay the man.’

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However, the statement had a huge impact on Scott’s outlook on life, and he now uses it as his daily mantra. Scott Stalling underwent a positive mental and emotional makeover in addition to his physical transformation.

Scott Stallings Weight Loss Before and After

How much weight did Scott lose? He shed 55 pounds and was able to return to the PGA Tour, Golf Channel.

Scott Stallings Weight Loss (Before and After) (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

Stallings has gone from a 240-pounds “biggun” with 26 percent body fat to a 185-pounds with less than 10 percent body fat because of hid dedication. Stallings credits his turnaround to serious concern about his overall health a few years ago.

Moreover, he revealed everything about his weight loss struggle in an interview with Sports illustrated. He told how good he felt about it in an interview.

‘I feel better than I did yesterday. I know it sounds cliché’, but that’s truly how I try to treat it and go about it. Am I going to do the stuff I need to do today to get better, and am I going to wake up again and do it again tomorrow? I try to find the best version of myself each and every day.’

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However, his lifestyle both professionally and personally became way easier as a result of his remarkable 55-pound weight loss. He was considerably physically active, and he developed the capacity to compete with the finest players in the world. Most importantly, his energy level is far higher than it has ever been, which has had a big impact on his playing and personal life.

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