Learn in Detail about Rebecca Ferguson's Children and Husband

Learn in Detail about Rebecca Ferguson’s Children and Husband

Find out all the facts about Rebecca Ferguson’s children and husband.

Rebecca Ferguson is a Swedish actress. Moreover, the actress got international recognition when she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Furthermore, the nomination was for  Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film for her work in the TV series The White Queen.

The 38-year-old actress had played the role of Elizabeth Woodville in the miniseries. Later on, the Golden Globe Award nominee got roles in many blockbuster movies like Mission: Impossible.

As she rose to fame, many fans want to know whether the actress is married or not. Also, does she have children? Read more to find out all the details on Rebecca Ferguson’s children and husband.

Rebecca Ferguson Children

Does Rebecca have any children? How many children does she have? Who are her children’s fathers? How old are her children? Surely, many fans must have these questions and we have all the answers.

rebecca ferguson and her child
Rebecca Ferguson and her child (Image Source: read sector)

The Greatest Showman actress has two children, a son, and a daughter. Rebecca Ferguson had her first child in 2007. However, the exact date and month of the birth are unknown and only the child’s birth year is known.

Who is the baby’s father? We are sure that many fans are curious. The child’s father is revealed to be her then-boyfriend Ludwig Hallberg. Rebecca and Ludwig dated in the past till they broke up in April 2015.

Meanwhile, the couple had dated for more than 10 years. The couple has not revealed their reason of break up. Moreover, the parents of the son remained quiet about their breakup and harbor no bad feelings for each other.

In addition, the Dune actress met Ludwig when she was just 19 years old and her boyfriend was 42 years old. Thus, many fans suspect their huge age difference may be the reason for their break up.

Rebecca’s first child born in 2007 was a son. Also, the ex-lovers named their son IsacHallberg. Before their split, the actress has moved to Simrishamn to live with her boyfriend, Ludwig.

Moreover, Simrishamn is a city in Sweden. Isac’s father is a Swedish coach and businessman. Furthermore, Ludwig owns a deck and patio construction company in Simirishamn.

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Although his parents are no longer together, they are good friends. Isac lives with his father in Simrishamn but often visits his mother. Also, the 14-year-old child’s grandparents are OlovSundstrom and Rosemary Ferguson.

Rebecca gave birth to her second child in mid-2018 with her boyfriend Rory. Her daughter was named Saga.

Rebecca Ferguson Husband

Who is Rebecca Ferguson’s husband? The Swedish actress’ husband’s name is Rory. When did the 38-year-old get married? Unfortunately, the exact date of the marriage is not known.

rebecca ferguson rory children
       Rebecca Ferguson, Rory and their child (Image Source:Twitter )

However, according to sources, they must have been married after the birth of their child in 2018. Thus, it must be after 2018. Other than that not much information is available about her husband other than his name.

Thus, it is clear that her husband works in the industry outside the spotlight. How did the couple meet? So far, the couple hasn’t disclosed details on how they met.

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However, we do know that the pair had been dating since 2016. Before the couple became official they were good friends. Furthermore, Rebecca owns a house in Richmond in London with her husband Rory.

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