Learn in Details about Paul Giamatti Weight Loss and Illness

Learn in Details about Paul Giamatti Weight Loss and Illness

Everything you want to know about Paul Giamatti’s weight loss, Before and after photos, and illness in detail.

Paul Giamatti is a very well—known actor. The actor is most notable for his brilliant acting performance in hit films such as ‘Cinderella Man, ‘San Andreas, ‘The Illusionist’, ‘American splendor’, Big Fat Liar and’ Barney’s Version.

Nonetheless, the American star has spent around 32 years in the Hollywood industry. And he has managed to win 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 1 Primetime Emmy, and 2 Golden Globe Awards.

Recently the hot topic of Paul Giamatti has surfaced and people have been wanting to know all about it.

What happened to Paul Giamatti Weight Loss? (Before and After)

Paul Giamatti losing around 15 pounds has stunned a lot of folks.

Currently, people know Giamatti for portraying US Attorney Chuck Rhoades in the Showtime drama series ‘Billions.’ And after a break of 16 months, the series return last month in September for its 5th season. After a break of 16 months, the series returned in September 2021 to continue its fifth run.

                     Paul Giamatti Weight Loss (Before and after)                                                    (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

The most notable thing at first glance for the fans was Paul Giamatti’s body transformation. Are the rumors about Paul Giamatti’s weight loss true? Well, Paul personally has confirmed that he has had a weight loss.

The news has also broken out in Reddit as one of the users wrote ”I just saw the trailer for S5 on YouTube and holy hell did Paul Giamatti lose a ton of weight. He was almost unrecognizable. Good for him”

If you are wondering why does Giamatti looks so old, you are not the only one. As there has been plenty of social media reactions about the subject.

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As one of his fans tweeted he felt that the ‘Billionare’ actor looked aged after losing weight and shaving off the beard.  Another added that Paul’s current look is kinda weirding. He also looks like he’s lost weight over COVID off time

One user also asked how much weight did Paul Giamatti drop since COVID? And complemented the actor that he looks great.

Does Paul Giamatti have a weight loss illness?

Fans have also been speculating that the actor might be suffering from some illness. However, we assure you it is not true. So what is the reason behind Paul’s body transformation?

Some reports claim that the actor has a very fit schedule and eating habits which helps him in maintaining a good figure even at the age of 54.

One of the actors on the show, David Costabile who plays Wags was also asked about GIamatti’s weight loss. To this, he replied that maybe Paul was on a fast the entire pandemic and laugh. But on a serious note, David does not know what happened with Giamatti’s weight loss.

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And Big Fat liar movie star has also not talked about this. One of the fans of the series also asked Brian Koppelman, the co-creator of the show that if Paul Giamatti’s appearance changed a part of the script or his choice. No response has come till now.

Some also speculate that Paul had a weight loss surgery but the real reason behind it has not been disclosed.

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