Lee Syatt 100-pound-Weight Loss Details!!!

Lee Syatt 100-pound-Weight Loss Details!!!

Learn every facts about Podcaster Lee Syatt weight loss transformation, before and after, diets and workouts

Lee Syatt is a multi-talented person best known from his podcasts. Besides, he has worked with bigger names in the industry and has made his own fanbase as well. He has gathered about 78.4k followers on Instagram and about 64.4k followers on Twitter.

Lately, fans have been checking about his weight as the social media influencer has lost pretty large weight. People are fascinated with such transformation of the star over the short course. How much pounds did he shed? What procedures made him achieve his target? Know all the details to his weight loss here.

Lee Syatt Weight Loss Facts

On Dec 2, 2020, Lee wrote on twitter about his ongoing weight loss journey. He also added that his admirers could join him at Patreon. So, it seems his weight loss was well-planned and systematically done. The rising star surely made most out of his quarantine time during the pandemic.

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The snippet of the star
Image Source: Lee Syatt

The star made clear through his Instagram that he transformed himself from 336 pounds to 284.8 in the span of 3 months. However, he didn’t stop there. He again lost about 80 more pounds coming to July of 2021. As posted by the Syatt himself, he was less 100 pounds in 224 days. “Let’s see what happens over the next 224 days.” He added later in the caption.

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Lee also brought the content to his YouTube Channel reacting to his own photo from before weight loss. He made clear how the weight loss have helped him. “My legs don’t hurt as much anymore if I’m standing up for a long time.” He added, “My breathing is better. My snoring is better.”

He is down 100 pounds now

These all health problems and struggles to do every work might have triggered him to go through such weight loss. He also tried to explain that he wants to forget how he felt while he had 336 pounds body.

Lee Syatt Weight Loss

Transformation of the star through the years
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Lee was around 227 lbs. in 2016 but gained such weight coming to 2020. He realized that he was going way up than he should, he just reversed back from there and came back to his healthy body. However, during his reaction, he was mentioning himself as fat a couple of times now too. So, it seems he hasn’t been fully satisfied with his body. So, the next weight loss transformation might be coming soon.

Secrets diets and workouts to his weight loss

While elaborating his lifestyle before, he also mentioned he was a victim of fat shaming as well. Comparing his before and after pictures, the reactor really have gone through huge transformation. His neck wasn’t visible at the time and his chin used to rest on fat. But he now has a great shape in comparison to before.

Lee Syatt weight loss reaction

Lee explained a lot about his weight loss
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He also have explained about his feeling during the weight loss crusade on podcast called waistline. Besides, he also added that he used to hate his own body because it was oversized. Coming to his secrets, he had a strict diet plans. He used to have a hard time following the routine, however, he did it.

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Furthermore, he added he isn’t the person who loves working out. However, he used to have walk every now and then. Watching his own before picture, he said, “I want to maintain it and not slide back into old habits to make sure that never happens again.” So, he is pretty hardly motivated to lose weight and maintain the shape he has now.

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