Lena Dunham’s Weight Loss and Illness

Find out all about Lena Dunham’s Weight Loss with before and after comparison. Also includes her illness and also her responses to body shaming.

Lena Dunham is an American writer, director, actress, and producer. Most of her followers know her as the creator, writer, and star of the HBO television series Girls. After the series was successful, she received several Emmy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Awards.

Back in 2019, Lena had a weight loss. So we will be comparing her photos before and after the weight loss and also her recent photo. The article also discusses her illness and her response to body shaming.

What disease does Lena Dunham have? Illness

Lena has admitted that she has been suffering from the chronic illness Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The illness consists of a group of hereditary disorders of connective tissue that are varied in the ways they affect the body and in their genetic causes.

Dunham continued saying that she was in self-isolation for 21 days fighting COVID-19, after initially confusing the virus’ symptoms with her chronic illness.

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At first, her joints started to ache. But she assumed that was because of her illness. But soon the pain turned into crushing fatigue. And had a fever of 102.

Lena Dunham Weight Loss (Before and After)

The actress has also shown concerns about her weight. She has admitted that she feels positive about her weight. But she also claimed that working as a single woman in Hollywood is hard and that she can’t pretend that weight is not a thing. She knows that it matters.

                     Lena Dunham weight loss (before and after)                                                      (Image source: Celebs Diaries)

So how did Dunham weight loss happen? She has also revealed the reason behind this after her long relationship with Antonoff ended she had lost a worrying amount of weight “in double digits. The main reason for this was sadness.

“I lost weight. Not a little weight. Not the kind of weight where your bras feel kind of generous and you marvel at your subtle but oh-wow-it’s-definitely-there-now clavicle. No, it was a lot of weight.”

She continued saying that the main reason behind her body transformation was partially driven by an addiction to prescription drugs — something she went to rehab for.

Currently, the Golden Globe winner is doing a lot better now and uses a food diary to maintain a healthy weight and hold herself accountable, as “accountable people don’t gain thirty pounds in a single month.”

Dunham also clarified about the amount of body shaming directed her way.

She said she doesn’t want other women, other people, to get lodged in their heads is that she should somehow be ashamed because her body has changed since the last time she was on Television.

The star also wrote on Instagram that read that it’s a little too easy to feel the glow of support and forget about the cesspool lurking behind it, this was the main reason she peeked and saw some gnarly. She added that the body-shaming was not worth responding to or even sharing with anyone.

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