Former X-Factor Alum Leona Lewis Weight Loss Astonished Everyone!!!

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The British singer-songwriter Leona has set her name in the industry as a successful musician. After gaining fame from X-Factor, she has astonished every fan with her back-to-back songs and performances. It has been a couple of days since the starlet’s name has been under the category of weight loss.

Leona Lewis Weight Loss

People showed keen interest in her physical appearance since she shocked everyone with a form-fitting gown that revealed her tiny torso with cut-out panels. She seemed unrecognizable with a whole lot of changes and dramatic weight loss. The changes were easily seen on her legs and cheekbones.

Leona Lewis Weight Loss

Her Transformation through the years
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Her appearance at the Mercy of Animals charity gala made everyone question their eye. The former X-Factor winner not only has lost weight but rumors said she had gone through some procedure for such stunning looks. Hellomagazine also has written about the possible duet of Leona with Calcum Scott which we have seen.

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Talking more about the singer, Dailymail also has said about her weight loss journey and her internet-breaking appearance at the event.

Secrets to her Transformation

Besides, the site also revealed the secrets to her weight loss through the interview with Women’s Health. ‘You Are The Reason’ singer said,

“I do four hour-long workouts per week – everything from SoulCycle to hiking with my dog.”

The singer is active on Instagram and Facebook. Check out them as well.

Leona Lewis on the X-Factor (1)

Leona Lewis on the stage of the X-Factor
Image Source: The Sun

She further added,

“I try to drink plenty of water every day. I always have a bottle with me. It flushes out toxins and keeps my skin clear.”

You can hear her voice on SoundCloud and YouTube as well. Later, he secret to her voice too became known as the actress said,

“I stick to three cappuccinos a week and a whisky on the rocks as an occasional vice.”

Her statement made everyone pretty clear about the changes she went through. Also, healthyceleb has shown effort to write about her weight loss plan through the years. Other than that, Spirit album star has always been a vegetarian her whole life and is sticking to kale salads and tofu.

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To know more about detailed diet plans and weight loss secrets, surf through, which mentioned her diet under different topics like Hydration, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.

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