Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery Before and After

Grab all details of American Sportscaster, television, radio personality, and sportswriter Lesley Visser Plastic surgery, husband details. 

Lesley Visser is one of the veteran television faces and the first women sportswriter who has been working in the field for 46 years now. Yes, Lesley always loved sports and wanted to be a sportswriter when she was just 10 years old.

Thou over time, sportswriting didn’t exist for women, however, as it was her true calling, her passion she got a chance to write college sports news and eventually major in NBA, college football, golf, and horse racing.

Leslie-visser-plastic-surgeryGrab details of her plastic surgery & husband.
Image Source: Lesley Visser

But here we are not going to discuss Leslie Visser’s successful career, writings, or anything related to that but will be discussing her plastic surgery rumors which for long have been a trending subject among her fans. So in order to learn all the details ahead, we present you with the details.

Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery

Those who have been following Visser for a long haul of time might know about her changes. If we overlook her past and present images then you might have noticed her facial changes such as plastic surgery, botox, and the possibility of using dentures.

Undergone FaceLift, Botox & Dermal Fillers

Analyzing Lesley’s facial part it’s for sure that she has undergone a facelift. 67-year-old without wrinkles and a charming face is inconceivable.


Leslie plastic surgery evolution over the years.
Image Source: CD

Leslie seems at least 25 years younger which makes anyone speculate that she has undergone some cosmetic enhancements such as botox and dermal fillers.

Adding more evidence, if you analyze Visser’s face in the above images you will surely feel that she has a forced smile and her face looks shows that she has difficulties speaking.

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And if you have been following Leslie then you might know that she suffered a terrible jogging accident in 1993 which damaged her face and hip area. And there are also reports that she started facial surgeries over time.

So yeah, the veteran and first sportswriter did undergo some facial surgeries, however, not for glamour but to look good in the media and public appearance.

Who is Lesley Visser Husband? Marriage & Divorce

Talking briefly about the maternal life of Leslie, the first sportscaster woman Visser married two times. Yes, she was first married to Dick Stockton in 1983.


They are still good friends.
Image Source: Blurb

Dick is also a sportscaster who started his career in Philadelphia and later worked as KDKA-TV director. Unfortunately due to their mutual differences the couple decided to part ways and called for divorce.

And as of recently, the first woman to receive Emmy Sports Lifetime Award is happily married to her boyfriend turned husband Bob Kanuth.


A Happily Married Couple.
Image Source: Boston

The pair got married at Mandarin Oriental in 2011 and are living a blissful married life with no relationship issues.  Bob is the former chairman/CEO of Altitude International Inc.

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