'60 minutes' Host Leslie Stahl's All Surgeries- Facelift, Botox, Neck Lift

Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery

All The Details About the Plastic Surgeries Experienced By Journalist Leslie Stahl

Leslie Rene Stahl is an American TV Journalist active since the year 1991. The woman is in the late seventies but still running the show named “60 minutes”.The program deals with the investigation with the help of reporters and other personnel and is been broadcasting it on the CBS television networks. Before Journalist, Leslie has also been active in producer’s place at her beginning career.

Nowadays, she is not just a journalist or TV host but a great personality with talent and beauty. Her beauty has always fascinated the public. With her age growing older, her appearance has become more and more delightful and fresh. Even though the program ’60 minutes’ was running since the year 1968, the show didn’t get much appreciation as it is getting now after the replacement of the host with gorgeous Leslie.

Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery

Being one of the celebrities hosting TV shows, the wife of author Aaron Latham may have done some changes regarding her facial appearance. The public is observing that her looks don’t match her age at all. The wrinkles and fine lines on her face are missing which seems a bit unusual at her age. The smooth-face have attracted many audiences into her show but the rumors are being raised by the public about her supposed surgery too. With drastic changes and slow aging on her appearance, many have pointed out the TV personality may have gone at least through Facelift, Botox injection, and Neck lift. Let’s find out more about her surgery:

Facelift and botox

No wonder any women at Leslie’s age would lose the beauty and possess sagging skins. But the case is different with our star Leslie. She possesses fresh and flawless facial skin which seems a bit unusual at her age. She could have got skin care cream or a doctor’s special suggestion for bright skin. But the fans have been claiming that the only reasonable explanation for her beauty is through Facelift.

Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery

Here’s something for you to compare
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A facelift usually lightens the face-up tightening skins and removing most of the aging signs. The facelift also impacts the area around the eye making it look youthful. Facial surgery has helped Leslie a lot in maintaining her appearance as one of the important things for a TV personality is his/her looks.

Leslie Stahl Age and Botox Infusion

Haven’t you heard or not? But most of the old celebrities in Hollywood prefer the combination of facelift and Botox. Also, the consequence of the combination has favored in the case of many celebrities. Following the trend goes Leslie Stahl, who has also injected Botox for her youthfulness and retrieving beauty.

Leslie Stahl After Botox in her old age

Leslie Stahl After Botox In Her Old Age
Image Source: Hartford Courant

Born on December 16, 1941, Leslie is on her way to the eighties but still, her body and face don’t look half as her age. Botox has always been a good choice for removing aging signs and tightening skins. with the botox injection, Leslie seems to have gone back in her forties. Her physical looks have also changed a lot with the use of Botox.


Could you do me favor and have a look at Leslie’s neck? Yes, that’s what I was trying to say, it just doesn’t look like the neck of an eighty-year-old woman. You may wonder the skins are tight only because of Botox infusion but how can it be so smooth and look so flawless. The same question was raised by some critics and luckily we got the answer.

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The reason behind this is Necklift. Necklift means removing the sagging skins of the neck and following some procedures to make it look natural. After having done a Facelift, it’s not much to follow up the neck lift to maintain’s one’s appearance.

Leslie Stahl Husband

Leslie Stahl is married to Aaron Latham, who is also a successful American Journalist. Aaron is best known for his work that inspired the movie Urban Cowboy. Besides, working along with director James Bridges, the movie got a great hit in the industry. The couple got married in the year 1977 and are still together. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Taylor Stahl Latham.

Leslie Stahl With Her Husband Aaron Latham

Leslie Stahl With Her Husband Aaron Latham
Image Source: Heavy.com

Nowadays, even the young ones are tempting to get plastic surgery. However, Leslie had not done any kind of surgery at her young age when she possessed natural beauty. As the aging took place, we cannot blame her for following up on the medical procedures to maintain her looks. Be that as it may, the surgeries she experienced have favored her till now. We are not sure to appreciate the work of a plastic surgeon or good dosage she had taken, but the result has been great and Leslie has been back in the show with her glowing beauty.

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