Why Did James & Raquel Split & Was It About The Nose Job? (Tattya)

Find out about Leviss and James’ break up and the reason behind it and did James hit her nos in detail.

Raquel Leviss is known for her work on Vanderpump Rules (2013), Popternative (2015), and Watch What Happens: Live (2009).

Back in 2016, after meeting at a New Year’s Eve party Leviss and James started dating, and the former pageant queen joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules shortly after. In the May of 2021, the couple announced their engagement “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, said yes.”

Kennedy wrote on Instagram at the time, claiming that he was a lucky guy. However, their engagement didn’t last long as it ended just after seven months, when the night before filming the Season 9 Vanderpump Rules reunion, the reality stars called it quits.

Leviss and James’ Breakup

Leviss and James’ breakup was confirmed when Leviss wrote about it via Instagram in December 2021.

She says that they love each other very much, but aren’t in love anymore. She wants nothing but the best for both of them and wants to keep any thoughts positive.

“After these 5 wonderful years we had together, we decided we have two different goals and made the decision to call off the engagement,”

However, according to reports from this month, Leviss is undergoing therapy because of the breakup and she has been working on herself since the pair called it quits.

What did James have to say about his breakup?

Though Kennedy hasn’t expressed anything relating to the breakup, he also posted something via Instagram hint at his relationship with Leviss in December 2021.

“What a year it has been (to say the least),” he wrote after filming wrapped on the Bravo series. He continued stating that one of his chapters in life has ended and a new chapter has begun. Levis’s ex-fiance says that he doesn’t know what is in store for him in the near future, but he will continue his journey without alcohol.

What is the reason behind the couple’s breakup?

So speculate that the reason behind their breakup is because James hit and damaged Raquel’s nose.

Apparently, Leviss recently had yet another nose job, last November she admitted that she always feels insecure about her nose.

            Leviss and James (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

However, unlike her last nose job, this time she is not happy with her nose. Leviss explained that now the bridge of her nose goes a little bit to the right and the tip goes a little bit to the left.

And this has made people suspect that James assaulted her.

However, Leviss has denied this. And we also found out that a nose job is very delicate and can be damaged easily. According to surgeons, the nose should not be touched which includes simple things like kissing. They believe that it talks about 6 months for a nose to fully recover.

And as per Levis’s nose job and other plastic surgery please check  Raquel Leviss | Vanderpump Rules | Every Plastic Surgery Details Here.

Over the years, Raquel Leviss has stood by her boyfriend, James Kennedy, through cheating scandals, multiple firings, and an endless string of outbursts, but after giving him an ultimatum to clean up or lose her forever, Raquel has ended up with the relationship she’s always wanted.

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