Lex Luger Weight Loss is trending!!! His wrestling career and more info

Lex Luger Weight Loss- Before and After Comparison!

Know all about the former wrestler Lex Luger Weight Loss, Wrestling, Football, and more.

Lately, the name of the wrestler has been rising in the media with some allegations of weight loss. The gossip tidbits and news started to spread after some photos of Lex Luger became viral on the internet.

Although the wrestler is retired, he has been in a fit body since then. Besides, Lex Luger also was a football player at his time. No doubt, he is in a good shape and fit as a fiddle.

 Lex Luger Weight Loss

As the former wrestler, himself, hasn’t addressed it, we can only guess at the moment. But it seems he has gone through some serious and dedicated procedures for his slimness. Lex had some compulsion to developed a muscular body for his wrestling career.

Lex Luger Weight Loss

He seems unrecognizable due to such weight loss
Image Source: Wrestling-Edge

However, after his retirement, he thought to go back to his original structure. Wrestling-edge has mentioned that the actor has lost more than 100 pounds which is totally unbelievable. They have even estimated his weight by the looks only. They wrote the wrestler now falls in “the neighborhood of 170 lbs.”

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Whereas, Wikipedia hasn’t mentioned such drastic changes in his body. It seems to believe the former wrestler weighs about 250 lbs at the time.

How did he lose weight?

Anyway, weight loss also has been a keen interest of topic for fans and audience. Besides, the wrestler also conceded through the site saying he felt good and active after the transformation.

Lex Luger Weight Loss Transformation

Lex Luger Before and After Picture
Image Source: Sportskeeda

The reason behind his weight loss is none other than the proper diets and regular exercises. Also, he is a sports fan who likes to be in shape all the time. Also, visit his Instagram for more info.

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