'Grace and Frankie' Star Lily Tomlin Plastic Surgery - Rumors and Facts (1)

‘Grace and Frankie’ star Lily Tomlin Plastic Surgery!!!

Everything about American actress Lily Tomlin Plastic Surgery, Before and After, Jane Fonda Interviews, and more

The time really passes fast. The American actress Lily Tomlin has reached 81 years of age in 2021. The writer and producer entertained audiences for more than 40 years with her movies and TV shows. The ‘9 to 5’ star is still active in the film industry despite her age.

Not only her energy and acting skills, but her age hasn’t even affected her appearance as well. So, her fans and admirers are wondering if the actress adapted some plastic surgeries. Facelift and Botox are always thought to be better for someone old as the star, so, she also has been under the suspicion of those surgical procedures.

Has Lily Tomlin gone through Plastic Surgery?

One time, when the 81-year-old actress and her long-time friend Jane Fonda appeared on Today’s Show. The couple joked about plastic surgery referring to Megyn Kelly as well. Well, the way Lily pointed out Jane for facelift made everyone wonder what actress Tomlin thinks about plastic surgery.

Lily Tomlin 81 years old (1)

The snippet of 81-year-old actress Lily Tomlin
Image Source: Britannica

However, from the pictures and snaps, the effects of plastic surgery are clearly visible on Jane’s looks in contrast to ‘Grandma’ Star. The surgery news of a friend also made the actress covered with the same rumors and gossips about cosmetic procedures.

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So, from the comparison of her before and after pictures only, she appears to have done small enhancements over her facial parts. But the knives are done carefully so that the effects are not seen unless one seriously looks for them.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (1)

The friendship of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin has lasted for a really time
Image Source: Insider

Other than that, the ‘Grace and Frankie’ star have been a great motivation for the public with her activeness and continuity in the film industry. Talking about her social media, she is active on Facebook.

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