Loni Love Weight Loss

Loni Love Weight Loss

Get to know everything about American actress Loni Love Weight Loss, Before and After, Secret Diets, Workout routines, Trainees, Shows and more

The multi-talented Loni Love is famous for her work as an actress and a comedian. Besides acting, she is also a TV host and  a former electrical engineer. The 51-year-old hasn’t stop contributing her great sense of humor to the industry. With her growing popularity, her weight loss news also has covered up the internet section for a few days.

The snippet of Loni Love
Image Source: TheReal.com

Has she done any weight loss procedure for slim physique? People have been asking queries regarding her diet plans and workout routines. How much pounds is she down and what is her goal till the end of the year? Know all the answers to the burning questions regarding Loni Love weight loss with before and after pictures.

Loni Love Weight Loss Before and After

Sources started covering her weight loss journey when she, herself posted on her Instagram about her ongoing crusade of weight loss. “To date I’m down 37 lbs. ( still a long way to go) .. the top pic filmed April 2022… the bottom pic was filmed Aug 2022,” her captions said.

Loni Love Before and after

Her snippet really brought motivation to many people
Image Source: Instagram

Her before and after snippets and the captions she wrote made everything clear to the audience. She lost 37 pounds in the course of 4 months which is really impressive. Her captions also suggested that she is in a long journey with higher goals. Her motivating friends Sherri Shepherd, AJ Johnson, Amber Riley were there on the comment section as well.

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The American actress was motivated to go through the change before too. However, she couldn’t stick to the routine strictly, so, it didn’t pay off. She detoxed for about 60 days and even joined Weight Watchers to motivate her whole community for healthy living. In an interview with People, she explained, “I want to learn to keep eating real fresh food, but make healthy choices so I can be my best. I also have great concerns for the overall health in my community and recognize we don’t take care of ourselves in the best way.”

What are her diets and workout routines?

The Daytime Emmy Award winning Host has finally found enough courage to go through transformation process for good. As fans and followers commented, she looked a lot healthier and proud in the photo she revealed. The comedian previously too shed some pounds in the year 2019. Before that too, she has been taking short journey of weight loss a couple times.

Loni Love After weight loss (1)

The actress look a lot healthier after weight loss
Image Source: Essence

In an interview with The Real Daytime, she conveyed that she had lost 50 pounds so fast in the year 2018. However, her weight escalated with 70 pounds as she wasn’t practicing healthy lifestyle. Thus, the 51-year old actress has been acknowledging everyone that weight loss isn’t a journey, it should be a lifestyle. And that’s what she is aiming at right now.

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As Essence highlighted her words, “Make Little Changes” is the way you break from any unhealthy habits. The Real Star is active on Facebook and Twitter as well sharing her ideas and informing about her recent weight loss journey. Stay connected at us for more articles on your favorite celebrity.

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