Look alike of Katrina Kaif- Alina Rai’s Plastic Surgery Speculations

Look alike of Katrina Kaif- Alina Rai’s Plastic Surgery Speculations

Everything about Alina Rai’s plastic surgery rumors with before and after comparisons in detail.

Alina is India’s most desirable Tik Tok Actress and Model. Her lovely looks, sweet smile, style, and hot personality have gained a ton of followers. We also learned that Alina Rai is a Native American model and actress. Following in India she has a big fan.

Alina Rai has also received attention for her role in movies like Lucknow Junction (2022), Rosh (2022), and Kamaal (2019).

Nonetheless, doesn’t Alina look similar to another Bollywood actress namely, Katrine Kaif? Well, some have also started to suspect that undergoing the knife was needed for Alina to look the way she does now.

Alina Rai Plastic Surgery

Some of the popular plastic surgeries are Buttock lift, chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping (facial implants or soft tissue augmentation), breast augmentation, and breast implant removals.

How did Alina Rai have plastic surgery rumors start to surface? It was because of her astonishing resemblance to actress Katrine.

                       Alina Rai Plastic Surgery (Before and After)          (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

If you google ‘Who is Katrina Kaif look Alike?’ Alina Rai’s name will pop up frequently. We have also found an article that has compared Alina to Kaif. And the resemblance is truly uncanny.

The social media star has appeared in a music video with singer Badshah. Titled Kamaal, the YRF song came out in December 2019. It has reached over 30 crore views since the time it was released. I

Furthermore, Alina has talked about this in an interview with the Times of India last year.  She said that she really admired Kaif as an actress, she wanted to carve her own path in the entertainment industry.

We believe that Alina intensionally wants to look like Kaif. You can clearly see the filters and effects she is using in this photo to look more like the actress.

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Anyways, talking about if Aline had plastic surgery. Well, the actress doesn’t have a wiki and she has not discussed anything regarding this. But looking at her photos, we suspect that she has been using lip fillers and jawline surgery.

The plumped thick lips and the curved sharp jawline can be explained by this. We also believe that she has gone through dozens of procedures.

But we can’t prove it because there are fewer to no old photos on the internet of her. Seems like the model has maintained a very low-key profile when it comes to her past.

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