‘Royals’ Singer Lorde Back With Weight Loss and ‘Solar Power’!!!

Know all about ‘Royals’ Singer Lorde Weight Loss, New Song ‘Solar Power’, Body Shaming, and more.

Lorde is a New Zealand young singer who has been continuously devoting time towards entertaining the audience. She is loved for her unconventional musical styles and unique writing. The singer had her first song and album released when she was just 16 years old.

Did Lorde Go Through Weight Loss?

Gaining fame since 2013, the singer has been under several suspicions and allegations. The subject of her weight loss is still rising and left unanswered. The talented singer disappeared 4 years after her first hit. Later, womenshealthmag brought the attention to the singer saying she was body-shamed after her first single.

Lorde Weight Loss and Comeback

Have a look at her Transformation
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

It seems like some people didn’t love her eyes as they were and that made her uncomfortable being under the media. However, her comeback with an album in 2018 showed that Lorde had gathered a lot of courage from the body-shaming part. She has gained over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Lorde has again struck with her new single and music video entitled, “Solar Power”. The music video made everyone wonder about her weight as the singer looks slimmer than her previous look. She has shown her perfect belly and body shape indicating that she is perfect just the way she is.

More about her Weight Loss

Along with her music’s appreciation, her weight loss also has piqued the curiosity among the fans and followers. To answer people’s queries, she sure looks a bit slimmer than her previous body. Bringing back the body-shaming part also may have triggered her to lose weight.

Lorde Body Shaming

She suffered a lot from Body-Shaming at the time
Image Source: The Globe and Mail

The 24-year-old actress is in her rising state and she may have adopted some procedure for the body she owns now. Besides, we don’t know if the transformation part was for music video only or not. In both cases, she seems to dedicate a lot of time to maintain her shape and physique.

Check out Lorde’s Single ‘Solar Power’:

The distinct changes are also seen on her cheeks. She has turned herself from chubby to charming appearance. Besides, her jawbone and facial bone can be easily perceived in the video.

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People have been assuming different things and presenting their own opinions now. But the truth can only be found out when the New Zealand singer, herself, addresses it. She is available on Instagram and Twitter.

Lorde Journey From ‘Royals’ to ‘Solar Power’

Lorde made a breakthrough in her career with a single called ‘Royals’ released in 2013. The song broke multiple records making Lorde the youngest singer at the time to do such a praisable thing. She even was successful to win Best song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for the song.

Lorde Singer (1)

Her hit Royals still is a master-piece song
Image Source: Vulture

With such an exceptional song, she came back in 2018 with an album. And again after two years of gap, she has returned with a single, (the first single from her new album). The song ‘Solar Power’ released on June 11, 2021, also has been getting good appreciation and reviews.

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