Lori Harvey Weight Loss, Diet and Net Worth

Lori Harvey Weight Loss, Diet and Net Worth

Find out all the details about Lori Harvey’s Weight Loss. diet, net worth, and more details.

Lori Harvey is a 25-year-old model, entrepreneur, and socialite from the United States. She is the Step-Daughter of TV show comedians Steve Harvey & Marjorie Harvey.

She was represented by LA Model Management in the United States, and she was represented by Select Model Management in Europe. Besides, she established the skincare company SKN by LH in 2021.

The rumors about her weight loss have been swirling around the internet. Lori Harvey faces backlash after disclosing her daily calorie intake of 1,200 calories. Read more to find out more about his Weight Loss. diet, net worth, and more details.

Lori Harvey Weight Loss, Diet

Lori Harvey, 25, recently opened up about her weight loss journey ahead of the Met Gala in 2022. Model Lori Harvey has been chastised by dietitians and nutritionists for claiming she ate 1,200 calories per day for her weight loss.

Lori Harvey Weight Loss (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

On May 14, Harvey said in a video on TikTok that she had gained 15 pounds “of relationship weight” since dating actor Michael B. Jordan.

However, she was incited to share how she got her slender physique after leaving her pilates class last week, claiming that she’s been asked about her fitness routine by fans for years. She claimed that she has been doing it for a few years, but the last year has been particularly consistent. Moreover, she worked out five to six times a week. And for the first month and a half, she was even doing “two-a-days,” or workouts twice daily.

The model explained that the second sweat sessions were usually cardio. Lori said she would sometimes go to the gym after a Pilates session and run for 30 minutes on the treadmill. She’d do a sprint interval workout, go hiking, or run up and down a flight of stairs on other days.

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Besides, Lori was eating too few calories around 1,200 calories per day for her weight loss. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a 5’4″ woman weighing 126 pounds  requires between 1,600 and 2,200 calories. “The 1,200 calorie mark is listed for the recommendation for a moderately active three-year-old girl.” Was she following any kind of diet? However, she was not following any kind of diet. She went on to say that she ate mostly meat, vegetables, and “very few carbs.”

Lori Harvey’s Net Worth

Lori Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2022. However, her main source of income is from her career as a model.

Lori Harvey (Image Source: Instagram)

Lori Harvey is a Memphis, Tennessee-based model. Harvey is a newcomer to the fashion industry, showcasing her natural beauty and recently signing with top modeling agencies in Europe, including LA Models and Select Model Management.

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Her earnings come from a variety of places, including the aforementioned modeling jobs and a company she founded in 2021. However, she has a healthy and growing career at the age of 25. Moreover, she has a luxurious cars and lifestyle that many people can’t earn at this age.

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