Lorraine Kelly Weight Loss

Lorraine Kelly Weight Loss

Everything about Loraine Kelly and her Weight Loss with before and after snaps.

Lorraine Kelly is a television presenter and Scottish journalist. She is the reigning daytime television star that we all adore. She was born on 30 November 1959 in Glasgow, Scotland. The Scottish journalist is 62 years old.

The television queen has hosted several television programs, including Good Morning Britain, GMTV, This Morning, Daybreak, The Sun Military Awards, STV Children’s Appeal, and her show Lorraine.

Kelly and her husband, television cameraman Steve Smith, whom she married in 1992, lived in Cookham Dean in Berkshire, on the Thames west of London. The 62-year-old TV personality moved from Dundee in 2017 after her daughter left to pursue a career in London.

Every day, the television queen from Buckinghamshire appears on our screens, but when not being filmed, she lives in a stunning home in Bourne End.

Loraine Kelly’s weight loss

It’s confirmed that Kelly had her weight loss. She has lost 21lb which resulted in two dress sizes from size 14 to pleasant size 10. To achieve her weight loss objective, the TV host has been putting in a lot of effort with WW, previously known as Weight Watchers.

                                Loraine Kelly  Weight loss (before and after)
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According to her, she had weight loss due to increasing her awareness and mindfulness of what she eats rather than by eliminating certain foods.

Speaking with OK! Magazine, Lorraine described her experience as “It’s not about cutting things out completely, but with the Weight Watcher points you get each day, it just makes you more aware of what you’re eating.”

Suzy Stirlin, a celebrity ambassador, also shared the information with her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram “oweeee! What a day! Please join me in congratulating @lorrainekellysmith for getting to the Goal and reaching WW GOLD STATUS!!!

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Lorraine previously said that she started to fear red carpet appearances due to weight gain, but today she looks to be feeling a lot more herself because of the tremendous effort that she has put into the weight loss.

What diet does she follow?

The Scottish TV Star was open about how her eating habits altered as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. “I’ve been comfort eating during the pandemic and trying to find solace in jumbo-sized bars of fruit and nut chocolate and entire packets of ginger snaps,”

“As a result, I have gone up a dress size, but I will try hard to substitute the sweets and crisps for fruit, but there’s no way I’m going to deny myself food or go on a silly faddy diet.

“I think it’s all about taking things at our own pace. We are all far more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if we have proper tasty food, and won’t drop out of an exercise routine if it’s good fun.”

So what are her diets like? For breakfast, she usually takes honey, nuts, raisins, or berries.
She has spicy vegetable soup at the beginning of the week that she can heat up quickly for lunch. The TV star usually cooks homemade soup.

Lorraine says “I do tend to eat sensibly during the week but I certainly don’t exist on sticks of celery, because I’d be miserable.”

The television queen admitted that she enjoys spicy food, adding that her family also enjoys Indian and Thai cuisine.

She likes grilled fish and other fresh seafood, but she also enjoys a traditional British pub dinner of fish and chips. These are some of her favorite dishes for the dinner.

So, when all of these factors were taken into account, she had a drastic weight loss. Thanks to her diet and workouts the TV star had a significant amount of weight loss.

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