Love is Blind: Iyanna Mcneely Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors

Love is Blind: Iyanna Mcneely Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors

Find out everything about Love is BlindI’s Iyanna Mcneely’s weight gain and pregnancy rumors with a before and after snippet comparison in detail.

Iyanna McNeely is a project manager and television personality from the United States. She gained fame from Love Is Blind season 2. She is known as Jarrette Jones’ wife as well.

McNeely is 28 years old. She was born in Marietta, Georgia, in the United States, on April 19, 1994. McNeely is a cast member of the upcoming television series Love is Blind season 2.

Jones won her heart on the show, and they were able to walk down the aisle. On the program, they exchanged their “I Dos.” They were the first couple to end their marriage, though.

Fans have recently been wondering if she is pregnant or if she has put on weight. So, to reveal the true fact we present to you guys the detail down below.

Has Lyanna McNeely gained weight or is she pregnant?

Iyanna McNeely’s weight gain has been the topic of several online rumors in recent days, and some have even claimed she is pregnant. But is it true that she is pregnant? Let’s talk about that down below.

A couple of Love Is Blind season 2, Iyanna and Jones have separated recently. After only two months of completing their first wedding anniversary, the two Chicago residents made their separation official via an Instagram post.

The heated topic, has she put on weight, or is she pregnant? Iyanna McNeely is not pregnant but she has gained weight.

During the reunion program, a number of admirers and critics discussed Iyanna’s most recent physical transformation.

After seeing her in the still photographs from the reunion, several fans rushed at the chance to compliment her beauty.

So has the television personality gained weight? Yes, she has gained weight. Iyanna now appears to be an altogether different person, with substantial weight gain, and many fans agreed that they didn’t recognize her.

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McNeely stands about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 59 kg. So how much weight has Iyanna McNeely gained? Nothing is official regarding how much weight has she put on.

Iyanna McNeely’s Weight Gain (Before and After) (Image Source: Iyanna’s Instagram)

Here is the before and after snippet comparison of Iyanna McNeely. We can clearly see that she has put on some weight. The 28-year-old was quite thin and lean before.

Furthermore, she is not pregnant, and it’s not the pregnancy that caused her to gain weight. In addition, she was the subject of widespread pregnancy rumors which is not a real fact.

She has over 882k followers on Instagram. You can find Iyanna McNeely on her Instagram @iyanna.amor.

Iyanna Love is Blind Parents

She talked openly about being adopted by godparents and being reared by a single mother until she was nine years old. After graduating from college, McNeely moved to New England from Marietta, Georgia

Iyanna is one of the two kids of Micheal McNeely and Jenn McNeely. Iyanna’s godparents adopted her when she turned 22.

Iyanna has been enjoying her finest life, spending quality time with her parents, who are very cool and loving today.

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